Psychedelic Journey Differences- THC and Psilocybin

by Veronica Castillo

Psychedelics help to promote harmony and a profound sense of interconnectedness of all things.”- Chris Kilham, Founder of Medicine Hunter

It’s important to start this by saying that everyone’s psychedelic journey can be different and, in many cases, is very different than someone else’s. You may find that the information provided is not/ was not/ will not be, your experience.

Many may be wondering, is THC a psychedelic? The answer is, it depends who you ask. We know that Cannabis carries over 80 cannabinoids, with the main two being CBD and THC. CBD doesn’t create a mental/psychoactive high, but THC does. And if psychedelics are defined as: a hallucinogenic class of psychoactive drug whose primary effect is to trigger non-ordinary states of consciousness and psychedelic experiences, then could the answer be yes?


Zoe Helene, Cosmic Sister says:

“I’ve been working with cannabis for 35 years, as a gentle truth serum, a companion for exploring lucid dreamscapes, and as profound psychedelic—depending on the dose and the bud.”

I am in full agreement based on my experience with THC, and it looks like some in the medical community agree. Julie Holland, a Psychiatrist with a private practice in New York, says that some of the effects of Cannabis’, are psychedelic in nature. 

Julie Holland confirms something that I experienced. She attended a psychedelic science conference in Holland, and stated that consuming Cannabis may be linked with a “phenomenon” some psychiatrists refer to as dehabituation, the process of looking at something with fresh eyes.



I have had micro dosing experiences with psilocybin edibles. Did you know that psilocybin is decriminalized in Oakland, CA? Thankful for that, and High-Level Chocolatiers, for creating a vegan journey for me. 

What micro-dosing does for me is bring me closer to my love for Cannabis, and allows me to see and witness the energies that surround me all day. They show up in colors, patterns, and shapes. I giggle, a lot, as if they are telling jokes.

Sara Gael, Zendo Project’s Director of Harm Reduction, and the Harm Reduction Advocate for the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel says that:

Psilocybin significantly alters perception of reality. Effects can range from positive to negative and are unique to every individual. Some effects of psilocybin include elevated mood or euphoria, creativity, mystical or spiritual experiences, dissolution of the ego and altered perception of oneself, their environment, altered perception of time, and increased sensitivity to outside stimulus.

Have you experienced both? What say you?

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