What They Didn’t Teach Us in Science Classes; Cannabis

by Veronica Castillo

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember science or biology much. They were 2 of the 3 classes I hated the most. I was always so bored in there. The classroom always felt like- meh. Cold, boring, and reading from the book instruction. 

Lab days didn’t excite me either. I wasn’t vegan back then but, always had an issue with the thought of cutting something open. Honestly, I skipped class those days (sorry mom). 

I left school feeling pretty science and biology dumb. Not really caring about why the clouds hold water or why blood is red when it hits oxygen. I mean honestly- that is so boring to me!

The one plant never discussed (f*cking America with their foolery) Cannabis! Because let me tell you, I am positive that if the science of plant Cannabis were in the lessons plans- my attention would’ve been at 100%! 

Cannabis Science

I’ve always loved plants. I grew up with a father that raised chickens and grew fruits and vegetables (I bet my dad would’ve been a dope Cannabis Cultivator!). I always spent time in the garden and/or playing near it. We also had big coconut trees (goodness, what I’d give for that because today, because coconut everything is expensive!) and flowers surrounding the front of the house.

I am confident that if our government allowed us to learn the truth about the healing of ALL plants, then I would’ve been so intrigued by:

  • Cannabis breeding
  • Cannabis seeds
  • Cannabis genotypes
  • Cannabis phenotypes
  • Cannabis chromosomes 
  • Terpenes

This week’s series is dedicated to a little Cannabis science; things they didn’t teach us, things we had the right to know about, things that could’ve saved loved ones, all the amazing things that people tried their best to bring to us, and now sitting in jail because this country is full of it. 

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