Red Flags it Might be Time to Find a New Dispensary

With over 1,920 dispensaries registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, it can be easy to get lost on where one should start shopping. However, I think it is easier to know where NOT to start, and what better way to gain that knowledge than to know what big bright red flags to look for?

Red Flag #1

red flags

     From the moment you walk in the door of the dispensary, do you smell dank herb or an inviting fragrance? Or does it smell like an assault to your nose of cover incense and hay? Either one can be a sure sign of the products you are about to see. Seriously, if it looks like the floor hasn’t been swept or if you can see the fingerprints of every single person that has touched the display cases since SQ788 passed, buying your medical cannabis there might not be the best idea.

Red Flag #2

Red flags

If the same jars used for viewing and sniffing purposes are the same jars that the medicine you just purchased is coming from, it might be time to second guess this shop. Think about all those germs, I wouldn’t let someone sniff my new slice of pizza, just saying.

Red Flag #3

The staff has ZERO knowledge about where the flower came from or about the products, they are selling to you. Shopping as a patient, it is important that you have the opportunity to try cannabis products and strains that are right for you. If the staff has no knowledge of the products, you might end up spending a lot of money before you find the right one for your needs.

Red Flag #4

The quality of the flower and the pricing do not mix. If the prices are top shelf but the flower is mid at best, then it might be time to take your business elsewhere. Take a look at my last post if you need a refresher on what to look for when it comes to picking out quality Cannabis flower.

Red Flag #5

This last flag is more of my personal preference, but if the vibe in the shop is an unwelcoming one, I won’t shop there. We fought hard here in the state of Oklahoma for our right to medical marijuana and we should spend our hard-earned dollars where it is appreciated. A genuine smile and a little patience with customers are always greatly appreciated, just saying.

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