Kayla’s Pick for November 2019


by Kayla Johnson

There are new cannabis strains being created every day, by breeders and growers all across the country, and some of them are absolutely incredible plants, leading to some absolutely incredible medicine. While it seems there are constantly new strains being introduced here in Oklahoma as well, there is one that has been a constant favorite in other states, and here at home, it’s no different. 


White Widow is probably one of the most famous and well-known strains in the world. Created by Green House Seeds in the 1990s, this strain is a potent sativa dominant hybrid that reflects its name: it’s extremely common for buds of White Widow to be absolutely covered in a thick blanket of shimmery trichomes, giving it one of the most consistently frosty appearances. Most often, flowers from these plants tend to be a bit on fluffy side, and the bud I had was a lovely shade of bright green with just a few pistils seen beneath that lush carpet of trichomes.


 That frosted coat is what helps this flower pack a heavy punch, and pairs nicely with the powerful and rather unique combination of terpenes this strain carries. Caryophyllene, paired with limonene and myrcene give it an earthy, peppery aroma that is surprisingly sweet and citrusy at the same time. That peppery, energizing scent in itself is uplifting enough to want it in air-freshener form, but it’s when it’s smoked or vaporized that this strain really shines.


That sweet-citrusy, earthy hint that White Widow has is even more apparent after lighting up. The smoke wasn’t harsh, but it was thick, so I still ended up coughing quite a bit, so use caution if you don’t like larger hits. The flavor was really pronounced, even after exhaling, and the aroma left in the room was still uplifting, almost like an earthy, fruiting incense, but it’s extremely noticeable, even if it doesn’t have that skunk-esque hint that many other strains are known for. 


The uplifting aroma and flavor of White Widow is nothing compared to the uplifting effects, however; almost immediately, I felt energized and almost euphoric, wanting to knock out my entire to-do list in an afternoon, and doing it with a big smile on my face the whole time. It’s a potent strain for anyone who enjoys creativity, but especially for those who are facing tasks they consider to be boring or tedious, White Widow offers some intense focus. As uplifting and energizing as the strain is,  for most patients, it will also offer a steady relaxation that helps keep you grounded, letting you just flow through your normal daily tasks and activities with more energy and a more upbeat outlook.


White Widow’s ability to help patients find a balance of energized and relaxed makes it a particularly prime choice for patients who find themselves struggling with depression, PTSD, stress or anxiety. Being such an uplifting strain makes it an obvious choice for many with depression, and in higher doses, it can be quite beneficial for patients who need relief from chronic pain as well. 


Because it’s such a potent strain, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that White Widow will give you a very dry mouth, especially in a larger or concentrated dose, and while it can, of course, be easily remedied by drinking water consistently during your medication session, it can be quite uncomfortable to deal with, as can the other main side effect I noticed: dry eyes. 

Overall, White Widow is a classic for a reason: it has some really beautiful, comforting effects, especially if you’re needing something to help you power through your day when your mental health isn’t at its peak. For those who have a low tolerance to cannabis, I recommend starting off slow, simply because it could potentially be overwhelming for a new patient, but even in microdoses, it’s a cheer-bringing strain that can make a world of difference for patients battling with depression and PTSD especially. 


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