by Micah McKamie

After being in dispensary after dispensary in the bigger cities you think you have seen it all.  For The Reefer Shack in Seminole, super busy is just an every hour thing.  “Being open 24 hours gives us a great advantage”,  Jeremy stated, “we get people from all over headed to all sorts of jobs and activities, we really love our customers!”

Training Through Terps, by Micah McKamie

The husband and wife team had to step away more than a handful of times while I visited.  They would hustle off to get their curated meds to another one of their many customers, then almost immediately continued to help me.   It wasn’t that they didn’t have enough help, it was that they had so many patients the schedulers staff was having a hard time keeping up.  After another manager showed up early for their shift, we were able to continue.  It was amazing to witness.

Jeremy, the husband, worked in the oil industry for a number of years and Katie owned and operated a boutique in a neighboring town.  The oil business faltered and covid took effect. They decided to close the doors on the boutique and hyper focused on opening a grow and then on to a dispensary.

“We didn’t realize how rewarding this whole part would be,” they were both very happy.  When asked about the new business they both were overwhelmingly unanimous about the success only being measured by what they could give back.

This old dairy shack turned “Ice Cream Cake” stand wasn’t just another dispensary in small town Oklahoma.  It was a sense of community, it was an idea of being there for their patients 24-7.  Not only were they intently taking care of their patients, but they also had a wonderful selection of flower and other products.

“We really do try our best to find the best flower at the best price for our customer base.  We may not always make a ton of money on our flower, but our customers are happy and healthy,” Katie said.   As I looked around I noticed small details that you only see from small town hospitality and care.  They have a bin where veterans can come get a .5 cent pre roll everyday and as I walked in there was a line of Philanthropy jars for various children. One of them was BACA ( Bikers Against Child Abuse) which is close to my heart.  It wasn’t just words, it was actions.  It was evident in the little things they did.  They recognized the struggles of the single mom and put a place for the kids to play while the grateful parents shopped.  They offered coffee, tea, cookies and popcorn just as a way to say, come in, hang out and just be a part of a community.  These were good people.  You could tell they were in it for their fellow Seminole Citizens and not just the money.

Ultimately I left the interview process feeling uplifted and happy.  In an industry where so many things come down to money and profit lines, these good people were spreading the love the way they know how, through giving back and investing in the community, as well as, breaking the stigma of cannabis through kindness.

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