RX3 has the R3m3dy

RX3 has the R3m3dy

“Just a couple of old school stoners using new school tech to create innovative, clean, and highly potent cannabis products.”

That’s how Hopper and Ron, the team behind RX3 and R3m3dy Gard3ns describe their companies. A lot has changed in the 30 years since Hopper first started growing cannabis, and RX3 is evidence of that evolution.

The entire product line is single source, full spectrum, and solventless. It features the usual suspects- gummies and prerolls, but it’s the other products that put them on the next level. RHO is a solventless hash oil that Hopper developed while living in Humboldt County, California. The clean, solventless
version of Rick Simpson’s infamous cancer killing RSO is so powerful that a dose the size of a grain of rice is recommended to begin. He thought RHO was the pinnacle of potency, but then along came the newest addition to the lineup- RX3 Nanograms. Nanograms are made with RHO, using Nano technology, which increases the bioavailability of THC from roughly 9% to 90%. Bioavailability is the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the body. Simply said, it gets you really high, really fast, and lasts a long time. As Hopper calls it, “High school high”. The tiny amount needed for a big effect makes it especially user friendly. It can easily be added to any food or beverage, or drop a few drops directly in your mouth. Think everything from sushi to salsa to yogurt. The possibilities
really are endless. A package of Nanograms may only contain 25 milligrams, but because of the high bioavailability, it’s theequivalent of roughly 200 traditional milligrams, and unlike traditional edibles which may be full of sugar, dyes, animal products, and common allergens, Nanograms can be safely
used for any set of dietary needs or lifestyle preferences. Keto, vegan, low sugar, low fat, or vegetarian, it’s compatible with them all. This is truly the future of cannabis consumption.

Hopper explained that he had to leave behind the old school mindset of growing just to produce flower, and open his mind to everything that could be made with the plant, because the real product is the THC, not the flower. He also knows that you have to work with the best to get the best. That’s why they have partnered with Arcadia Brands in Edmond to make edibles and concentrates. “I’m not a gummy maker, so I found the best one there is” Coincidentally, Hopper had seen Arcadia owner,
Robert Cuthbertson, years before on a Pure Pressure YouTube video. Little did he know they be working together in the not so distant future. With their mutual love of full spectrum solventless extraction, Hopper knew it was the perfect fit. RX3 and R3m3dy Gard3ns are a labor of love and perseverance for both Hopper and Ron. The things they’ve been through since the beginning of the two ventures would have broken most, but they have chugged along. Hopper survived a near fatal case of West Nile Virus, and Ron tragically lost his brother to a senseless murder. If recovering and grieving while running a small business sounds hard, that’s because it is. “It was a tragic end to the year, with the murder of my brother,” Ron told Herbage, “but we’re back with a vengeance. We’ve been in the lab processing and making a lot of new products over the past few months. We brought our Elixir and Nanograms to market, and we’re working on a full spectrum, solventless disposable cart now. We have been working really hard these past couple of years, and on May 7th we’re going to celebrate.”
Coming up on May 7th, RX3/R3m3dy is putting on a concert at the Brickhouse Saloon in downtown Shawnee. After all the hard work they’ve been doing, it’s time for some fun, and they want everyone to come out and join them. Hed(pe) will be headlining the show sponsored by friends and business partners of RX3/R3m3dy. There will be tons of giveaways, lots of smoke, and maybe even a surprise or two. Tickets are available now on Eventbrite.

By: Pamela Jayne