Love Yourself with These Self Care Tips this Valentine’s Day

by Veronica Castillo

Self-care is usually seen as bubble baths, candles, and presents for self. These are great ways to offer thy self some “me time” and relaxation, but is love shallow- sitting right there at the surface? Love is deep and intentional, right? And so, this Valentine’s Day, practice loving self, with self-care that radiates from the deep layer of love. Learn to love yourself deeper with help from the self-care tips below.

1. Start the morning with positive affirmations.

Saying positive affirmations out loud, is self-speaking to self. Too many times, we look outward for love. Our love for self usually depends on others loving us. This stops now! Positive affirmations first thing in the morning sets the vibrations high, the positivity deep, and love radiating from the pores of the skin.

Examples of positive affirmations: I am grateful. I am powerful. I am kind. I am compassionate. I am open to growth. I am open to expansion. I am light. I am love.

Doing this in the mirror is the best way. This might feel weird at first, but that’s only because we are mostly taught to be kind to others, but not to self. As you practice this every day, you’ll feel it and believe it more. As you believe it more, your love for self will start growing and will become a standard self-care ritual.

2. Water in the morning.

Water is essential to life and should be the first thing the body receives for digestion. Self-love and self-care show up in the time we take to care for the bodies that carry us through life. Most of us run to caffeine, sugar, and carbs (I love them all and this was me so, I’m not judging). These things greeting the body first thing, make the body respond sluggish.

When love is radiating from the body- energy, happiness, and alertness are the responses. Sluggish is an indication that the vibration of the body is at a low point. How essential is water to life? Let’s take a look at what Healthline states:

  • Nutrient transportation. Water allows blood circulation, which transports nutrients to your cells and removes waste from them.
  • Thermoregulation. Due to water’s large heat capacity, it limits changes in body temperature in both warm and cold environments.
  • Body lubrication. Water helps lubricate joints and is an essential element of your body’s lubricating fluids, including saliva and gastric, intestinal, respiratory, and urinary mucous.
  • Shock absorbency. Water acts as a shock absorber, protecting organs and tissues by helping maintain cellular shape.
3. Eating fruits and vegetables.

The saying is true, we are what we eat. Many start the day with carbs and fatty meats on their plates. This may make the craving happy, but the deep part of the body, where the body’s vibration lives- isn’t happy. Humans need to eat foods that are electrifying and alive, and those foods are fruits and vegetables.

Colorful foods that nature provides, being digested by the body, is a sign of deep love. Giving our bodies what they need is a sign of so much love and so much care for self. We don’t give kids what they want if we know it’s not good for them. Our bodies deserve that same love, so this valentine’s day, let’s offer it.

4. Go where you are loved.

Some circles vibrate low and that creates low vibrations within the body. Self-love and care is also mindfulness and strength. It takes both to love yourself to the point of cutting out the negative and low, and going where the love and vibes are high.

Like positive affirmations, it may feel weird to be in circles where people pour love into you, but as you continue to allow it, it because normal and appreciated.

5. Sit with silence.

Self-love and self-care can mean silence. The human mind has been under so much stress with regular day to day shifts and changes in personal life. Throw a pandemic on top of it and well, it can be the ingredient that takes the mind into overload.

Love yourself this valentine’s day with a little silence. In this silence, focus on your breathing to stay in the moment and keep the mind quiet. A lot of the noise in life comes from within and so, offering quiet to self is also saying “I love you” to self.

Self-love and self-care require deepness, it happens from an inner vibration- vibing high. Sure, a bath can be the starting point, taking ourselves away and into relaxation but, we have to go deeper. Baths are moments, whereas self-love is a practice.

Practicing being good to ourselves beyond the surface, takes a love that we have to dig for. We have it, we just aren’t taught what to do with it. I hope these self-care tips from love, are a starting point to you loving thy self this valentine’s day and beyond.

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