Sowing The Seed – Pt. 14


Sowing The Seed

by Chet Tucker


In our last edition, we covered the primary consumption method of cannabis which is rolling and smoking it. Though we didn’t cover “smoking” via vaping cannabis (using vape cartridges), we will roll back into the other inhalation method in next month’s article. This round we will cover the most discreet and arguably one of the most medicinally effective consumption methods… eating cannabis. Whether using for relaxing, sleep, anxiety, or creativity, edibles are an incredible way to consume cannabis. 

First, what we cover here will touch on several different methods of ingesting cannabis but the focus will be on the more medicinal edible options. Raw cannabis consumption is one of the best ways to intake all the nutrients of the true superfood that it is. Eating the parts of the plant is as organic as you can get and the benefits are quite amazing. With the fats, lipids, cannabinoids, vitamins (K, C, Omegas, and more) and THC, you’ve got Mother Nature’s purest ways into the bloodstream. Grind it into a fine powder for shakes, sprinkle leaves or ground bud on your salad, but know that as soon as the raw form is heated (think baked brownies), the THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) will convert into THC (Delta 9) which will then produce psychedelic properties. Note: The digestion process does heat the cannabis and can activate small amounts of THC.

Though organic consumption is a wonderful way to benefit from the plant’s medicinal properties, many look for the full effect of the “decarbed” THCa which provides some of the additional benefits that THC delivers. So, with all the ingestible choices of edibles, drinks, and tinctures, etc out there in the marketplace, how do you sort through and find the best products for you? There are several different cannabis processing methods to derive cannabis extracts such as distillate, RSO, live resin, live rosin, flower rosin, etc. Quality edibles will typically last longer than smoking or vaping so make sure you start with lower doses and prepare for longer periods of psychedelic experiences.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is one the simplest but most effective ways to ingest cannabis. Though it’s a modern version of cannabis plant extraction, it has been the pillar in the landslide movement to legalize cannabis. An amount as small as a grain of rice is recommended until you find the right amount but the powerful impact of such a small amount is an amazing testament to the plant’s medicinal benefits, most notably for cancer patients. A more diluted and often mixed (with herbs or flavors to help curb the bitter taste of raw cannabis) version are tinctures. This is a more liquified form and emulates the bottling process of bitters (mostly used for cocktails). 

Last, there are countless edible options such as chocolate, baked goods, hard candies, and the most popular gummy. No matter which form you choose, look for edibles that are full spectrum, particularly solventless if you can find it. When you consume edibles that are full spectrum, you are ingesting more parts & pieces of the powerful plant. Typically, the less cannabis is heated or gassed (CO2), the more cannabinoids, fats, lipids, and terpenes remain for medicinal impact. Products that are derived from high THC content and low cannabinoids and terpenes may taste better but are much less balanced than the more pure versions. 

Though I didn’t touch on drink options, there are many available but as noted, most lack the more intact purities of the cannabis plant. Some will have water-soluble cannabis extracts which help bypass the liver because of their near immediate absorption into the mucus membranes. I’m a personal fan of strain specific options that retain as much of the whole plant together in the end product. However, there are some solid options and it’s important to prepare for balancing the immediate THC impact and that can be done mostly with a CBD blend (3:1/5:1 etc). 

Finally, when shopping at your dispensary for options, always ask your budtender or Cannaician for the highest quality products. Granted, there’s a great deal of cheaper options but they’re often cheaper because of the input and overall quality. It’s like looking for a craft cocktail over straight high proof alcohol. You can get a balanced alcoholic drink but an Everclear drink will be cheaper and hit you harder. However, it won’t taste as good and it’ll likely have a morning-after regret. Regardless, ask good questions, do your research, and journal as you find what works best for you.

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