Freedom Flower

By Chet Tucker Lettuce Smoke Canna Co.     It’s a wonder how we ever got here. Cannabis is one of the highest of medicinal plant for humans. The plant gets demonized, ostracized and even criminalized. How? Why? There are plenty of theories and many are entangled. Many believe there are early big pharma moves, […]

Freedom Flower

Freedom Flower By Chet Tucker After some discussions with Herbage on transitioning into a new column, we agreed that an open column around the freedom fight for our basic rights to cultivate and choice to medicate was a win-win. The column will sweep over a broad range of topics concerning the reversal of the century-long […]

Sowing The Seed – Part 13

Sowing The Seed By Chet Tucker   As we spanned into consumption methods with the last “Sowing the Seed” edition, we covered the number one desired method … smoking flower. Though it stands upon the peak, there are many other “quieter” methods to consuming that fall right behind smoking raw flower. And these other methods […]

Sowing the Seed pt.11

Sowing the Seed By Chet Tucker   We’ve made it through the seed to marketplace and we’re now making our way to the checkout counter to learn what methods of cannabis make work best. The different methods and products for consuming cannabis have grown wider than the rows upon Oklahoma rows of “high cotton” growing […]

Sowing the Seed

Sowing the Seed by Chet Tucker As we conclude the basics and phases of seed to sale, we’ll begin exploring different ways to consume cannabis, including some different methods of processing and how the different forms of consumption may affect the endocannabinoid system. However, before we dive into the next articles, let’s have a “seventh […]

Sowing The Seed – Part 9

Sowing The Seed by Chet Tucker Now that you’ve completed your wet/dry trim, we’re down to the final stage of the grow- ing process. Before your flower heads to market, the goal is to properly cure your flower. It’s important that the cannabis not dry or cure too quickly as the plant is still producing […]

Sowing The Seed

by Chet Tucker   For those just picking up Herbage and reading for the first time, we’re glad you’re here. The monthly editorial, “Sowing the Seed”, is a journey from seed to market and we hope you find it as a simple guide along the way. So, we’ve covered genetics, soil and mediums, “food”, water, […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker As we move into the stages of growth, I felt it necessary to twist one up a bit and reflect on how nature (plant medicine) and ourselves are mirrors of growth. We’ve covered the genetics, the soil, the medium, the water, and the light and they all lead to the strength of […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker Let there be light! Just like all of the elements needed to grow virtually anything, without light there is no flower. Besides our natural sun, there are many ways to “replicate” its rays and grow cannabis. These variants of light are typically analyzed and then chosen based on the environment that cultivators […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker We’ve covered genetics (seed), soil, and now we’ll cover the basics of the critical necessity of water (good water), along with touching on growing hydroponically. Nature provides the needed nutrients of water via rain and dew, however many cannabis growers use controlled environments to maximize the strength and quality of their cannabis […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker Sowing the Seed is a monthly column dedicated to spreading knowledge and thought provoking pieces around the medicinal benefits of cannabis, its components, and products. The goal of each piece is to underscore the power of the plant while stripping away the stigma of cannabis. Herbage Magazine feels very strongly that Chet […]

The Lettuce Lounge

by Chet Tucker Hindsight may be 2020 but the ride “ain’t” over yet so BUCKLE UP for the Cowboy Cup and it’s keystone addition, The Lettuce Lounge! In a collaborative effort between Arcadia Brands (and their sister brand Utokies) and none other than Herbage Magazine, we’re proud to put together an independent lounge during the Cowboy […]