Strain of the Month April 2021

Strain of the Month April 2021

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine


Stress Relief

Do you ever go scuba diving? Imagine, if you will, being under that deep ocean with the
ability to breathe freely without an oxygen supply attached.

That loose, free, yet hugged and cuddled by the universe feeling is why I go deep within to give this grower a huge hug and a firm handshake every time I see him.

Mr. Rocky Fisher. Your Biggerstaff Budz MAC2 is by far the strain of the month.

Take Alien Cookies and cross it with Starfighter and Columbian and you get a happy and uplifting balance of anti-stress and anti-depression you get a Miracle.

A wonderful earthy flavor with a bit of an orange twist. You just can’t go wrong when it’s grown right.

Thanks Biggerstaff Budz!