How I Overcame My Fear of Terpinolene (and my fear in the process)

How I Overcame My Fear of Terpinolene (and my fear in the process) by Anna Ervin It’s no secret that the terpene profile is an important factor to consider when shopping for cannabis. This data offers patients a deeper look at the aroma, flavor, and experience that each strain might offer, especially in conjunction with […]

Strain of the Month: May 2021

By James Bridges | Herbage Magazine It started raining. I looked at the clock.  After cursing myself for working entirely too late and long into the next day I decided to stop. I recalled stopping another time that week and my fresh hunt was waiting on me in the other room and I nearly forgot. […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker As we move into the stages of growth, I felt it necessary to twist one up a bit and reflect on how nature (plant medicine) and ourselves are mirrors of growth. We’ve covered the genetics, the soil, the medium, the water, and the light and they all lead to the strength of […]

Strain of the Month April 2021

by James Bridges | Herbage Magazine MAC1 HYBRID Effects: Uplifted Stress Relief Do you ever go scuba diving? Imagine, if you will, being under that deep ocean with the ability to breathe freely without an oxygen supply attached. That loose, free, yet hugged and cuddled by the universe feeling is why I go deep within […]

Hot Flash!

by Dondi Cobb  | Two Twisted Girls Just a few months ago, the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) released exciting results from a new study of menopausal women and their treatment of choice for their worse symptoms. It seems women today are choosing, more often, to relieve the harsh symptoms of menopause with cannabis than […]

Show the TV Who’s Boss

by Micah McKamie During all of the time I had to meditate during quarantine, I had a huge realization about my fitness ideals. Before I became a runner, I had always wondered how people made time for staying in shape.  How was it that people prioritized the gym over spending time with friends or making […]

Training Through Terps pt. 2

The Journey by Micah McKamie One of the interesting things that I found over the last year and through my training through terps journey was how crucial mental health is to the process. This is not an article telling you to move away from your meds or to go cold turkey into this process, because […]

Strain of the Month January 2021

Skywalker OG Genetics: Mazar x Blueberry and OG Kush Terps: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene Drift away from pain and anxiety with this super mellow cross between Skywalker and OG Kush. Skywalker OG is a heavy Indica-dominant hybrid that can leave you with an other-worldly body high. Why is this strain perfect for January? Because it’s great […]

A Bowl of Autumn Gold

by Chef Sebastian Carosi Generally, around late August we start to see the plethora of winter squash ripening. Then over the next few months, you will see everything from curry to hubbard, and buttercup to delicata. Winter squash are some of the most delicious, nutritious, and versatile ingredients of the autumn season. Unlike their summer […]

Training Through Terps pt. 1

by Micah McKamie Over the last 20 years, workout supplements have come and gone. Companies produced products like Creatin, Plasma Jet, Hydroxycut, etc. without regard for the safety of the consumer. Within the FDA it is known that a product could stay on the shelves for years before it can legally be taken down, regardless […]

Training through Terps

by Micah McKamie Why Not? Has anyone ever told you that you can’t smoke weed and workout? Oh, that’s because no one ever asked? All through-out history there are instances where if people didn’t just ask “why not?” then we wouldn’t have such great inventions like the telephone or TikTok. Now I am in no […]

‘Tis the Terp Season

by Josh Leone Josh Leone is the co-host of the Truly Medicine Podcast & representative of EZ Street Cannabis Products. The holiday season is coming whether I like it or not just as the deadline for this article and my male pattern baldness. I can’t help but think that I’m not alone in thinking, “what […]

Winter Wellness

by Amy Lee Managing mental wellness is a daily struggle for many people, in fact, it is said that approximately 43.8 million adults in the United States identify with at least one mental illness. The most common mental illnesses throughout the United States include anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorder (alcohol included), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating […]