Strain of the Month: May 2021

Strain of the Month: May 2021

By James Bridges | Herbage Magazine

It started raining. I looked at the clock.  After cursing myself for working entirely too late and long into the next day I decided to stop.

I recalled stopping another time that week and my fresh hunt was waiting on me in the other room and I nearly forgot.

The aroma that oozed from the sac, (that’s right, I said sac), shouted old school.  No…not blunt old school. Further… Yeah, there it is.  Where are my papers?

This ground-up perfectly.  I was wondering when the bad would hit.  Rolled and….

Still waiting on that bad…

Fire makes things happy in my head.  Especially the fires at the end of my sticks.  The rain kept coming…

By the way.  I was impressed with my roll.

Wiping my eyes I walked back into my dining room for something wet.  There was a blur and I was in my happy place.  Swirling around in my house I caught glimpses of paintings and colors popping from corner to corner.  The bubbles were there.  Only a few strains do this for me and this was definitely one of them.  Pop. Pop. Pop.

I had to take a load off.  I felt as if magic were coming from my brain and I just needed a second to restore.  I found myself still asking, “When will the bad part hit?”  It never did.  I threw myself onto the chair, not like a ragdoll, but as if I were actually a rag doll.  I didn’t move and it was glorious.

That’s when I realized this strain was insanely accurate when being named


Grower: Hermetic Flower

Total THC: 23.27

Indica DOM