Strain of the Month

by James Bridges

Herbage Magazine

Love is in the air! Or something… I decided to go try and find some of this so-called “love”.  I was nudged by someone to give this a try.  Maybe something would come from it.


Strain origins are unknown.

Positive effects:



Appetite Suppressant


Trying something new.  It’s my forte’.  It’s also one of my biggest fears.  Go figure.  Without going about it in a roundabout way of not going in circles just to get right to the point, this time I was really scared…

What if all of the coming of age movies were really a training course and I have now landed on this path which is now called the Love Seed?  What if it’s like “love potion #9” and it really works?  I mean… I’m pretty much over all that.  However, that’s not why I was afraid. I was simply afraid to try something with unknown origins called “love seed”.

Of course I dove in head first.  The smell out of the jar was quite nice actually.  I caught a hint of a sweet earthy and almost a fruity twisted aroma while busting the nugs open.  The density was average.

Wet mouth… something must be good in there.

I smoked with a glass water bong so I could get the full flavor.  Mild smoke and a sweet smell.  What could go wrong?

The THC level was a bit low for my needs.  It’s not that bad of a thing if my body tells me I need to smoke more of a good thing and this was a good thing.  I was very pleased with the taste and smell.  It was the perfect flower for me in the middle of an afternoon when I felt drained.  Its overall get up-and-go feeling paired with a body euphoria set me just right to take on the rest of the day.

Maybe found love can simply come from a plant.

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