Strainology – April 2020

Your April 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! Remember, these are based on your Sun signs!

by Brittney Graham

Aries: Happy Birthday season dear Aries! Saying it has been off to a rough start would be an understatement wouldn’t it? This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your special day! Get some friends into a virtual chat and be sure to eat that cake! The cake doesn’t have to be baked to get you baked, grab the Hybrid Birthday Cake Kush and enjoy your season!

Taurus:  Being more confident and assertive this month might have some good news coming your way in the business and financial sections of your life Taurus. Trust yourself and be in your power! Stay focused, uplifted, and creative during this energetic time by grabbing some of the Hybrid Sour Patch Kiss.

Gemini: April brings you a time of self-reflection and distancing dear Gemini. Focus on ways you can invest in your own well being and pleasure instead of everyone around you. Stay relaxed and a little euphoric while you soul search with the Hybrid Wedding Cake.

Cancer:  Focus on a spiritual or creative practice that will replenish your energy this month Cancer. You are going to need it with the spring cleaning that needs to be done to your friends list and possibly that close family issue that is coming to a head. Stay happy, relaxed, and uplifted during this cleanout by grabbing some of the Sativa Chocolate Thai.

Leo:  Things might have been a little stagnant as of late for you dear Leo. Get in contact with close friends and lend support, it will make you feel so much better giving and also receiving support from an outside source. The Indica Extreme Cream will help elevate your mood and keep you relaxed after a day of all that support.

Virgo: Creative differences might have your financial stream in a crunch this month Virgo. However, you have some one looking out for you when it comes to help with your career, now is the time to count your blessings!

Libra:  You have been feeling yourself as of late and that is a great thing Libra! You will have opportunities this month to use that power and put yourself first. Jump start your creativity by starting up that dream machine of yours with some of the Indica Cookie Monster.

Scorpio: This is the month to bury the hatchet with close friends or partners that you have been having it out with lately. You will feel so much better for it dear Scorpio! Make sure you get a good nights rest before the big talk with the Indica Mendo Breath.

Sagittarius:   April is the time for you to work on that to do list Sagittarius and focus on the small details as you do it. This might mean not focusing on big goals at the moment, but no worries you are climbing that ladder by taking care of the little things. Be sure to pick up some of the Indica Purple Punch to help unwind after all that hard work.

Capricorn: This month will push you to embrace your authentic self rather than looking for outward approval or trying to fit in. Let your heart guide you forward Capricorn, and everything will be as it should. Stay relaxed yet connected while you do this by picking up some of the Indica GMO Cookies.

Aquarius:  You have been worrying about something lately Aquarius, but this month will bring you an Ah ha moment just in time! Be sure to find your center so you can receive the light when it comes. Grab the Hybrid Black Cherry Cheesecake to keep your body relaxed and in one place while your mind is free to seek out solutions.

Pisces:  You have a lot of hectic energy this month dear Pisces. It is of the utmost importance that you are intentional with your time and energy, so you aren’t running around in circles repeating the same tasks or spreading yourself too thin. Keep yourself in one spot while you think of your to do list by grabbing the Hybrid Cherry Cookies.

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