Tarostrology: Tarot for the Signs



Tarot for the Signs

by Anna Ervin

Welcome to 2022! Congratulations, you’ve survived another year around the sun. While the astrological new year doesn’t happen until March 21st, I thought we’d kick off 2022 with a fun new feature for our tarot and astrology lovers. 

Because I’ve only just begun to dip my toes into astrology, I’m going to leave the interpretation of stars and planetary alignments to the real experts. Tarot, on the other hand, comes much more naturally to me, so I decided to pull a card for each of the zodiac signs as we venture into the first couple of months of 2022. If you know your whole chart, you can look for your sun, moon, rising, and venus signs to give yourself a reading that offers a little more depth. 

Remember, each of these entities reigns over a different area of your life or personality, so pay close attention to where they fall in your chart. Here’s a quick refresher:

Sun – ego, identity, the root of your personality

Moon – your emotions

Ascendent – surface value, how you’re perceived, your “mask”

Venus – love, your intimate relationships

For example, I’m an Aries sun with a Leo moon, so the Seven of Cups might indicate that curiosity and exploration are hyper-present in my personality right now, while the Four of Pentacles suggests that an emotional response could be causing me to hold on too tightly to the material rather than allowing energy to flow. When I take a closer look at how those two influences work in conjunction with one another, I can further identify how and where they apply to my life. 

So without further adieu, here’s what we can expect from the first 6 weeks of 2022:

Capricorn – Page of Pentacles 

As we approach the end of Capricorn season, Cap placements may find the coming weeks an opportune time for shifting the handling of finances, property, or career, into methods that are a bit more playful. Depending on the other placements in your chart, this could either feel like an incredibly exciting task, or your worst nightmare. However, at this time this energy could feel more natural than usual.  The page of pentacles is all about taking a childlike approach to our relationship with the material world. Let yourself be curious, take a class on finance or something you’ve always wanted to learn, get creative with the way you interact with money or within your career– while still being mindful of your responsibilities. 

Aquarius – Ace of Cups

It’s no surprise that the Ace of Cups appears as we prepare to head into the season of your sign, Aquarius! This happy, hopeful card indicates an abundance of new love, relationships, and blessings coming into your life. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by lovely new emotions, bonding with new friends or love interests, or potentially gaining a deeper connection with a partner. The best way to embrace this period in your life is to allow yourself to feel deeply, practice gratitude for this happy time, and reciprocate that same loving energy back into the universe. 

Pisces – Ace of Swords

Sweet, dreamy Pisces, the Ace of Swords invites a season of intellectual abundance and mental stimulation for you. This may be a time when you find yourself invested in higher education, adopting a new thought process or pattern, or simply gaining mental clarity over a situation in your life. It isn’t always easy for an emotional creature such as yourself to allow your thoughts to reign over your feelings, but you may find more ease in such matters over the next month. 

Aries – Seven of Cups

Aries, the Seven of Cups indicates that you may feel empowered or influenced to take a deeper look at certain energies in your life at this time. You aren’t tapping into any kind of psychic wisdom or magic here, though at times this energy can feel mystical and alluring. This card simply means that using your curiosity and wisdom to uncover hidden truths surrounding the energies that approach you in the coming weeks will come naturally. If you aren’t already feeling this energy, this is your reminder to dig deeper when your intuition is asking for more intel. 

Taurus – Knight of Pentacles

An earth card for an earth sign, the Knight of Pentacles invites Taurus to do what Taurus does best– move with careful deliberation and intention in the areas of their life that involve finance, career, or material possessions. This could be a time where you find yourself taking extra consideration before making any decisions that could affect your material well-being, or one which leads you to study your current financial or professional situations and potentially look at new ways of dealing with those aspects. Either way, you should feel right at home in this energy.

Gemini – The Tower

The Tower is a card that most Geminis with experience in Tarot likely find themselves familiar with (let’s be honest, anyone with experience in tarot has become well-acquainted with this card at some point). Gemini, however, seem to manifest The Tower and her crumbling of foundations just for the fun of it. This card indicates that if you’re currently feeling like the world is crashing and burning around you, it likely has a lot to do with the thought patterns you’ve allowed to grow so out of control, you’re now being faced with their destructive consequences. You may or may not have been aware that the ground you built your faith upon was shaky, but The Tower is here to remind you that this is of your own undoing. The best way to embrace this period is to allow yourself to let go of any patterns or behaviors that continuously hold you back or lead you astray (you already know what they are). 

Cancer – Six of Pentacles

Cancer, the Six of Pentacles invites you to take a closer look at how that deep-seeded empathy and compassion within you plays a role in the way you give back to your community or those around you. If you’re currently invested in taking care of others, are you ensuring that you have taken care of yourself first? Alternatively, if you’re feeling betrayed or hurt, this card could indicate that giving back may be just the medicine you need. This card typically rules over the financial, professional, and material aspects of our lives, but time and energy are equally as resourceful as money. Make sure you’re maintaining balance in any type of energy exchange at this time. 

Leo – Four of Pentacles

Leo, your hard work is beginning to pay off and you’re seeing the beginning of a foundation form in your material/financial life. It may feel tempting at this time, especially coming out of Capricorn season, to hold on tight to everything you’ve built thus far. However, the Four of Pentacles would like to remind you that money and energy work best when they flow. Does this mean you should spend every penny at the nearest mall? No, no, no. But finally making a reasonable investment in that stock, or property, or software that could help you advance your career/financial gains? Go for it. 

Virgo – Six of Cups

Cups rule over watery emotions, so when it comes to earth-sign Virgo, things can get… muddy. The Six of Cups deals with some kind of emotional influence returning from your past. This could be an old friend returning to your life, childhood memories resurfacing, or even an old attachment planting itself in your line of vision once again. It’s likely that many of my Virgo friends will approach this energy with some reservation, but you need not worry as this card indicates that opening yourself up to these gifts from the past could bring blessings and opportunities into your life. 

Libra – Seven of Pentacles

Sweet Libra, the Seven of Pentacles invites you to slow down and take stock of your material world, specifically your craft or trade. This card indicates a period of pause and reflection, which isn’t a foreign concept to the thoughtful Libra. With that in mind, if you have been stuck in this energy for some time, this card may be reminding you to get out of your head and back into your work. Either way, the way your thoughts interact with your material world during this time will likely bring clarity into your life if you allow it to. 

Scorpio – Four of Swords

The Four of Swords brings my Scorpio friends (and my own ascendant/stellium) into a season that will require quiet reflection and meditation. Swords rule over our thoughts, and fours are all about creating stability, so you may find yourself doing a bit of foundational work in your own mind. This is a great time to tend to a regular meditation practice, record a dream journal, and focus on tuning out the noise projected by the external world in order to tune into your own inner peace. People with Scorpio placements are often drawn toward divination practices, so this energy may feel very natural to you. 

Sagittarius – The Emperor

I won’t lie, I laughed a little when I pulled The Emperor for Sagittarius. I don’t mean to tease, but to be fair, most Sag’s I know could use a little Emperor energy from time to time. The Emperor symbolizes the father of the tarot, he radiates authority and power in tradition. He is rigid, while Sagittarius are… flighty. The Emperor’s influence can bring stability and structure into adventurous, restless Sagittarius life. The thing is, as much as you guys love new experiences and constant motion, there’s something appealing about the potential to buckle down and find that same rush of excitement by settling into a comfortable life. It’s not impossible, so if you’re feeling the need to slow down and create a little more structure, now is the time to lean into this authoritative and disciplined energy.

For more information on Tarot, or to book a personalized reading, check out @cannabanana__ on instagram. 

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