Busy Work

Busy Work By Carisa Rowe  The art of dialing in your mind and body to chase your thoughts to their inevitable ends. We meditate, we make art, we garden, we dance, we run…  We run after the void, seeking the end of understanding or to quiet the noise so that we can feel the static […]

New Year Numerology 

New Year Numerology  by Anna Ervin  BOOK TAROT FOR YOUR EVENT  CONTACT Cannabanana ON INSTAGRAM  One year ago I wrote an article titled “building foundations,” which explored the overall theme for the years 2020 and 2021, according to a practice called numerology. Numerology is the belief that the numbers 1-9 each embody their own unique vibrational […]

The Source of Santa’s Magic

The Source of Santa’s Magic By Carisa Rowe for Herbage Magazine, December 2021 Before you read this article, Google “old school Christmas cards”. Use retro, vintage, or even Victorian as descriptors. In fact, Google “Victorian Christmas cards” because – well, I don’t wanna spoil your trip. When you return from your journey through the Christmas […]

Life Of Katz

Life Of Katz By Kathy Long-Barker GOOD MOOOOOOORNIN’ OK- LA-HOMA!! This is not a drill! This is the mass awakening! This is Rock’n’roll, to boldly channel our beloved Robin Williams. I miss you buddy, every damned day. OK!! Is it too early to be that capse locked? WOAH TOO LATE! Speaking of late, it’s never […]

Lotus Letters – Concede, observe, unshackle

Lotus Letters Concede, observe, unshackle By Kathy Long-Barker “You’re shaking,” Howligree mutters, taking your trembling cup and setting it down as she sits beside you. An almost motherly arm wraps around to your other shoulder and she gives you an understanding squeeze. Wiping away tears, you feel yourself start to disappear in your own presence, […]

Lotus Letters – Disclosure

Lotus Letters Disclosure  By Kathy Long-Barker Winding tunnels of light lead you aimlessly…you aren’t quite sure where you’re going, how you got here, or even where ‘here’ is, but it’s beautiful. Myriads of calydiscoping colors wrap you up in a warm sense of wellbeing and unconditional love. The next thing you know you’re waking up. […]

Lotus Letters – Heart smile

Lotus Letters Heart smile By Kathy Long-Barker “Another cup?” Came the waiting question. Howligree stared perplexed, blinking after a moment of silence. “I say, tea my good star, do you want more?” Blinking out of the zone you once floated through you nodded. After all why shouldn’t you? No time was a bad time for […]

Seven of Cups

Wish fulfillment – Illusion – Lack of Clarity – Deception Have you ever wanted something so badly, perhaps even for a large amount of time, but by the time your dreams finally come into fruition, you realize that they’re not at all what you had imagined? The power of manifestation is heightened this month. Your […]

Life Of Katz

Life Of Katz by Kathy Long-Barker   SALUTATIONS AND HELLO Welcome to the inner workings of my very Mercurian and Protean being. My name is Kat, and I have precisely four cats. Or as I like to call them ‘Keats’. I also create lots of cat inspired art. So here I am, sharing my life, […]

Lotus Letters

Lotus Letters By Kathy Long-Barker   The water is perfectly steaming as you slip down a bit more, your chin just beneath the surface. Peonies float amidst, and you almost forgot about the cedar plank in front of you, hosting your Rich chocolate tea, a warm cardamom candle and what’s this? Another letter awaits…   […]

Truly Medicine – Spirituality & Cannabis Episode ( 2 part guests) Herbage Magazine Presents “Truly Medicine Podcast” @trulymedicinepodcast Season 2 Ep2 part2 Spirituality & Cannabis Janel A monthly podcast featuring real patients, topical discussions, health and wellbeing, education, and growth within the cannabis community. Show contributors: Jasmine Harvey – Herbage Magazine @universewithjaz Elia Vargas – […]

July 2021 Tarot: Nine of Cups

Contentment, Pride, Feeling Fulfilled. This month we are basking in the glory of the experiences we have created for ourselves. You are likely feeling pleased with your life right now. Lately it feels as though all of your wishes have come true. This feeling won’t last forever, make sure to soak up all of that […]

The Moon

Strawberry Full Moon by Dan’l Wright-Kimbler She’s rapid. She’s a rollercoaster. The current and the tidal waves, she’s the fluid movements of this physical experience. Learning to flow with her movements becomes the lessons of daily life… especially at home. Like daily devotions, she’s ebbing away at your resistance to change and teaching you the […]

Spring Cleaning Is Never Too Late

by Kathy Long-Barker Jaw tight and tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth, you notice your hands are shaking. Your brow is tinged with sweat and though no particular words can be deciphered from your intense and abrupt exclamation, the air around you seems to be swirling with the anxious notes of a strange […]


by Anna Ervin When I first started learning about Tarot, cards like Death and the Ten of Swords scared me the most. Today, they are two of my favorite cards in the deck, but only after a little soul searching allowed me to realize their true definitions. The purpose of these cards is not to […]

Foraging in Tulsa with Justin Hope

by Anna Ervin When I was younger, I used to think Oklahoma’s landscapes were so bland. My family traveled a lot through the years, and I remember visiting states with clear blue ocean waters, or mountains blanketed in aspens and evergreens. I would think, why can’t I live somewhere like this. Somewhere that flaunts such […]

Lotus Letters

Getting Played by Lady Luck? Take Your Power Back! by Kathy Long-Barker Wake up Starseed…The matrix is breaking. “It seems to me you have all the information. Why ask me?” Inquired the cat cheerily, before taking a slow gratifying sip of tea. The scent of bergamot whirled through the dimly lit space as she awaited […]

Building Foundations

by Anna Ervin Before I had even the slightest clue what 2020 would hold for us, I was preaching that based on numerology the year would be a four (2+0+2+0=4), which represents foundations. I told everyone I knew that “this will be a year of stability and growth.” I’ve been laughing at myself ever since. […]

Global Meditation – December 21st

by Anna Ervin Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction There’s been a lot of talk around the date December 21st lately, when Jupiter and Saturn are scheduled to meet in alignment, creating a celestial event that only happens every 20 years. Making the phenomenon even more rare is the fact that the last time these planets were illuminated this […]

Visual Meditation

by Tab Moura When seasonal depression first reared its head in my life, it consumed me… it tipped the scale and I fell into a cycle of depression that took a few years to learn to manage. Through counseling, diet and supplementing, and of course cannabis, I’ve found a lot relief through the years. Between […]