Texas Again

Texas Again

by Brittiany Ralls

Here we are in Texas! Seeking legalization in a big way for Texas patients. Like I said in my last piece ”Houston is Home,” there is legalization in Texas, minimally. But legalization does exist in Texas. There are also areas of decriminalization too.

As patients, we need to demand more.
Spreading the Word of Cannabis, by Brittiany Ralls

Texas needs to catch up soon. This period of time I’m subtly calling “The Herb Age.” Throughout history, there are periods of time labeled “ages.” I can’t “officially” deem this time we are in as “The Herb Age,” being that I am not a historian or whoever names ages, but I’m doing it anyway! Welcome to The Herb Age!

What a better way to help de-stigmatize, by educating. Here we are in an age of herb with so many opportunities for change within so many communities. Being able to influence how the world will see cannabis in the future and de-stigmatizing something that is so beneficial to the human body leaves most of us in the cannabis community elated.

We will see cannabis infiltrate every other industry. Cannabis can create a more sustainable world. Cannabis can help create happier humans. Those of us who have started to see some of these changes are so excited to show the rest of the world how amazing cannabis is.

It’s just the beginning. We will see it make huge changes to our world and the ability to sustain it. Being back in Houston with the goal of helping de-stigmatize cannabis is exciting! Houston is so diverse with a background in philanthropy that is driven by wealth that has been created here. It’s a great place to start. So much of the cannabis community is rooted in giving back and helping so many in need that merging the two should be a lot easier if we start with a commitment to helping the community we hope to be a part of.

There are a lot of people in Texas on both sides of cannabis. There is a lot to prove. With diligence and a support, the cannabis community can make it happen in Texas.