THC Terpene Infused CBD Pre-Rolls, Green Girls, a Medical Herb Co.

by Veronica Castillo

My first experience smoking Lemon OG CBD was with pre-rolls from Green Girls, A Medical Herb Company. I remember being a little confused at first because, Lemon OG is one of my favorite strains and I have only ever heard of it as THC. When I consumed it, I knew that Marne Madison and her team were up to something great!

I wrote about Marne recently: Founder of Green Girls, AMH , Chapter President of Minorities for Medical Marijuana- Missouri, and Co-Owner of, Fleur Verte Telehealth Clinic. This Oaksterdam Universty graduate, took all the beauty found in terpenes and flavonoids, and infused CBD pre-rolls with it all. This creation makes one heck of a CBD pre-roll. 

About Green Girls, AMH

Green Girls, AMH pairs high quality and potent CBD hemp flower with terpene profiles from THC strains. Their goal is to help patients alleviate their pain and other ailments of discomfort, by focusing on their symptoms and the terpenes that help to balance their CB receptors. The reviews given on these pre-rolls have been in high favor for people with: partial facial paralysis, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Green Girls Terpene and Flavonoid Infused CBD Pre-Rolls

Green Girls

Green Girls, AMH offers a line of CBD pre-rolls that I love, named after the strain, who’s terpene profile was used, to create the pre-rolls:

  • Cherry Pie
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pineapple Express
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Lemon OG (my favorite)

How Green Girls, AMH Pre-Rolls are Infused with THC Terpenes

Marne shared this about the process:

“Caution: Do not try this at home…seriously!

Terpenes are extracted most commonly through a propane or butane process. This is a very tedious process that requires safety PPE and a commercial lab facility is recommended. During the extraction process, we use the heat from boiling water to create an environment that causes the cannabis to steam. This step helps promote the condensation needed to return the terpene into a liquid form. Then, viola! You have the aroma and flavor of cannabis right in your hands- TERPENES!”

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