The Cowboy Cup Cured Resin Cartridge Winners


The Cowboy Cup

Cured Resin Cartridge Winners

By Carisa Rowe

Cured Resin

Dried and cured resin is the base extract in a significant number of cannabis concentrates, including vape cartridges. Coveted for its full spectrum experience, cured resin boasts high potencies while keeping valuable terpene profiles intact, resulting in a more complete medicating experience.

Resin, in the cannabis sector, refers to the sticky, waxy substance that is extracted from mature cannabis flower. Composed mostly of microscopic trichome heads and oily terpenes, resin is a powerful goo harvested with the intentions of delivering a powerful medicating experience. In fact, cured resin is one of the leading products used to create edibles, topicals, tinctures, and a variety of dabs. 

Cured resin is made from dried, cured cannabis flower. The material is ground and packed into a vacuum-sealed column that is then filled with clean, high purity butane. Butane is a solvent that breaks the cannabinoid-rich trichomes away from the plant material. After soaking for a period of time, the butane – now carrying terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids is flushed out of the column and sent through a purging process. The purge is where solvent residues are removed before sending the concentrated material to cure, which removes trace solvents from the cured resin. 


Extraction specialists then take the cured extract and turn it into the final product. Cured resin cartridges, like the ones these winners have manufactured, are fast on the rise for smart consumers who want the convenience of on the go concentrates with a medicating experience that feels more like whole plant medicine. 


3rd Place

Hybrid Ripstick from Escalated Greens

Escalated Greens’ Hybrid Ripstick features a full gram of BHO cured resin in their proprietary, disposable cartridge and battery. The vertically integrated facility, located on the west side of Lake Eufaula, grows the flower that their lab processes into cured resin for the Ripstick. Extractors Gavin and Tristan hold down the lab every day, taking the craft cannabis grown on site from flower form down to pure concentrates that are then manufactured into award-winning Ripsticks and grams of dabs. The concentrates that Gavin and Tristan create are the very same concentrates used to power Escalated Greens’ delicious, full-spectrum edibles lines. The lab uses whole plant material to create their custom concentrates and blends. Their butane honey oil (BHO) process undergoes extreme purging to remove solvent residues from the final product, resulting in clean medicine that tastes like the plants it was made from. Escalated Greens is staffed by a tightly-knit team of Eufaula locals that understand the value of good medicine. Gavin and Tristan, along with the cultivation team, the kitchen crew, dispensary staff, and office personnel, take deep pride in crafting cannabis products with their community in mind. 


2nd Place

Rude Boi from 64 Farms 

The Rude Boi cured resin cart from 64 Farms is a fan favorite for effect and flavor. The folks at 64 Farms use whole plant methodologies to craft their cured resins. They have developed products with three mentalities in mind: FLOW; curated to help you unwind and socialize, FOCUS; curated to draw out your creativity and clarity, and FINALLY; a premium-extract, nighttime blend designed to help you rest and rejuvenate. The 64 Farms guarantee is an assurance that they will always create their medicine through whole plant processing. When sourcing plant material from Oklahoma growers, the 64 Farms team chooses cultivators who have shown to be ethical, who practice truly organic gardening and pest management, and who practice sustainability. The lab team at 64 Farms incorporates natural, cannabis-derived terpenes into their proprietary blends to ensure the most bioavailable medicating experience they can provide. Their full spectrum terpene profiles deliver a flavorful, enjoyable medicating experience that patients rely on time and time again. Their products are intentionally crafted with safety, quality assurance, testing, and training in mind during every step of the manufacturing process. They take time to triple test batches so that patients can rely on the information they provide with the medicine they sell. The pride of 64 Farms is delivering safe, clean, reliable medicine to every Oklahoma cannabis patient. 



Gelato Cake from Elite Cultivation

Elite Cultivation has made it their mission to introduce to the cannabis industry a previously unseen level of precision in the growing and cultivation process. The company has built out more than 36,000 square feet of cultivation space. Their processing lab is responsible for turning cannabis flower into high-quality concentrates that are then manufactured into one of seventeen different products, which includes the Gelato Cake cured resin cart that earned them a buckle at this year’s Cowboy Cup. Relentless devotion drives the Elite Cultivation team to develop products that not only taste great but that provide a safe and reliable medicating experience. Their state-of-the-art facility in Wynnewood, OK is a particular point of pride for Elite Cultivation as it provides a clean space for them to do what they love: make medicine. The team cranks out premium quality flower on a rigorous schedule to keep patients stocked with their favorite buds, to stuff pre-rolls with, and to make premium grade concentrates for dabs, cartridges, and edibles. Their second-to-none customer service and professionalism sets the Elite team apart from their competitors. Their dedication to their consumers is the reason that patients chose them to take home the buckle!

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