Busy Work

Busy Work By Carisa Rowe  The art of dialing in your mind and body to chase your thoughts to their inevitable ends. We meditate, we make art, we garden, we dance, we run…  We run after the void, seeking the end of understanding or to quiet the noise so that we can feel the static […]

The Cowboy Cup Cured Resin Cartridge Winners

The Cowboy Cup Cured Resin Cartridge Winners By Carisa Rowe Cured Resin Dried and cured resin is the base extract in a significant number of cannabis concentrates, including vape cartridges. Coveted for its full spectrum experience, cured resin boasts high potencies while keeping valuable terpene profiles intact, resulting in a more complete medicating experience. Resin, […]

The Source of Santa’s Magic

The Source of Santa’s Magic By Carisa Rowe for Herbage Magazine, December 2021 Before you read this article, Google “old school Christmas cards”. Use retro, vintage, or even Victorian as descriptors. In fact, Google “Victorian Christmas cards” because – well, I don’t wanna spoil your trip. When you return from your journey through the Christmas […]

See You There

See You There By Carisa Rowe The Cowboy Cup and Daniel Lewis, founder of the competition, aims to be the nation’s most respected cannabis championship.   The two-day event features Oklahoma’s finest cannabis brands competing for a first-place win that earns much respect from consumers and industry players alike. A win at The Cowboy Cup […]

Anything But Old Timey

Anything But Old Timey By Carisa Rowe From Route 62, The Lettuce Bar resembles a modern roadside saloon. Under a shady awning supported by cedar beams and railing sits a quaint covered wagon, intended to let weary travelers know they are invited to stop and sit a spell. The blue, flat-topped storefront is embellished with […]

It All Starts On a DIME

It All Starts On a DIME By Carisa Rowe Dime Industries took cannabis vaping to the next level when they created their proprietary vape batteries and cartridges. Initially a white labeling company, they purchased empty cartridges and filled them with cannabis oil under a variety of brand names. The early technology for vaping was flawed, […]

Positively Zenoa

Positively Zenoa By Carisa Rowe Zenoa believes in clean medicine. The founders, Dave Zanon and George Ulloa, began their cannabis journey as caregivers, working with fellow advocates to develop a collective serving medical cannabis patients. The collective cultivated medical grade cannabis for its patients and provided information and tools intended to assist individuals on their […]