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“The Laughing Goat thrives off good energy from good people. We believe that the quality of our cannabis directly enhances the quality of our lives.Unlocking and accessing a higher power, healing and bringing people together”.

The Laughing Goat is powered by a solid team of people and I remember Dan saying that he got all of his employees from his previous landscaping business and moved them to Cannabis! They were so happy and I think that’s so cool. Betteringpeople’s lives! I had the chance to tour their facility, and it seems like a great place to be with happy employees that feel the love, along with the plants.

Visiting their cannabis grow was such a treat. It has an at home feeling, with good people and energy running the place. I tend to catch the vibe quickly upon walking into any room and I’m pleased to say nothing got in the way of how this place made me feel.

I chatted with the owners of The Laughing Goat, Dan Fleuridas and Christie Owen, to really get to know them and their passion better. You can find their Q & A below!

You both are brother and sister and that’s so cool to see you guys living the dream side by side. Where did you guys grow up and did you ever see Cannabis as your future?
Dan: No, not until the possibility that cannabis might become legal in Oklahoma. Then, I thought right away that’s what I wanted to do.
Christie: Not even in my wildest dreams. We grew up in Victor, New York and couldn’t stand each other when we were kids. We moved to Oklahoma in the
nineties and that’s when I introduced cannabis to my little brother. We have been best buds ever since. Now, we live three doors down from each other.

Where did The Laughing Goat spark from and what made you want to get in the industry?
Dan: Cannabis has always been a big part of my life and something that I will always be a part of. Before The Laughing Goat, I was the owner of a landscape and irrigation business. I was dealing with chronic back issues. I found relief for my pain with cannabis. I had a home grow and was fascinated by the whole process and the results. I always asked for top shelf flower too at the dispensaries to see what strains worked the best. Then, I was offered the chance to buy a rodeo arena on some land. When the seller said, “it’s a perfect place to grow flowers” I said, “not those kinds of flowers.” I knew this was my opportunity to grow my own medicine on a large scale and share it with everyone.
Christie: Construction on the farm started right about when lockdown began and Dan asked me to be the Marketing Director. It’s the perfect combination. I have been an artist, graphic designer and cannabis lover for the past thirty years and now I get to help document and share our trip.

Tell me about The Laughing Goat and the type of product you guys offer!
Dan: We take a craft approach to our process and carefully monitor all aspects of the grow cycle which allow us to deliver a consistent premium product. We offer ten high potency legacy strains on our regular menu, along with six new exclusive strains.

Your flower is amazing and I’ve tried it myself! What do you guys take pride in when it comes to the quality of your flower and the process?
Dan: Thanks for the high compliment! We take pride in making sure we only use the highest quality ingredients and the best genetics. We run an immaculate facility and we follow a strict code of standard operating procedures. We make sure to keep an eye on every little thing and do not skip any steps. Fire in fire out.

Every time I’ve had the opportunity to come see the cannabis grow, it’s always been such a great experience, filled with lots of love and passion in everyone’s eyes. How do you all stay inspired and keep people on their toes?
Dan: We are all growers up here and watch each other’s backs. Everybody works together and equally as hard as a team. In order to make a great product for our patients, we collectively strive to maintain consistency, find solutions for any problems, learn, and always look for innovative ways to improve. We’re like a family up there.
Christie: Everyone vibes and communicates really well with each other and we protect that culture. You can feel that positive energy and dedication from each and every employee. There is no room for negativity or slacking. Team GOAT really crushes it seven days a week and we are so grateful for all their hard work,
knowledge and passion.

I appreciate on your website how you guys have all of your strains listed and you can actually click on them to learn more about them. You don’t ever see that and it’s super helpful! How many strains do you all grow at once?
Christie: Thank you! We work hard to ensure that we provide the information on our website to educate the patients on our strains. With regard to how many strains we grow at once, we harvest an average of eight strains every two weeks.

I always love to hear what advice others have from experiences they have been through, which made them who they are today, that maybe they wished they would have received earlier on in life. What advice would you pass on?
Dan: I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. Put out into the
universe the positive energy you seek in return. Earn your own respect and
stop caring about what other people think. Be confident and live in the
moment. Realize that it’s never too late to make a change
Christie: I think that all the roadblocks, setbacks and failures are in fact learning experiences that set you up to navigate through more challenges. Believe in manifestation, be focused and disciplined. You will accomplish so many amazing things and look back one day at your struggles with a whole new perspective.

I always have to ask what stigma surrounding the Cannabis plant, people would like to see changed. It’s always a unique answer, unique to each individual. What stigma would you like to see changed?
Dan: The stigma that people who smoke pot are just stoners. They think people use it as an excuse. I really hate the stigma around it. I think some of the smartest and most creative people in the world love cannabis.

What’s the most rewarding part about doing what you guys have the opportunity to do?
Dan: I’d say it is intellectually stimulating and challenging. It’s not an easy job. You start a three month plant cycle and you need to be on top of it the whole time. So when things turn out really good, like fire, it’s such a huge reward. I think that overcoming adversity and problem solving is the most rewarding part of my job. It feels good to know that you are giving it your all and striving to reach your fullest potential.

What can the Oklahoma market expect from The Laughing Goat in the near future for 2023?
Dan: In the near future, we’ll be releasing another series of exclusive genetics and we are developing a new line of pre-rolls, gummies, carts and concentrates. We are also in the process of opening our first dispensary on NW 59th & May Ave. in Oklahoma City


Brannan Bell is a writer & contributor for Herbage Magazine. She is the Co-creator of The Cannabis Hangout Podcast.


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