Cannabis Corner – Lettuce Learning

As we start a new editorial chapter, I want to frame up the goal of what I hope to share through Cannabis Corner. I am a business owner of a full vertical which also includes some other cannabis partnerships. I have been in cannabis for about 10 years, 4 years here in Oklahoma, but many of those were travel ventures in NorCal. I grew up in the infamous Lawton, OK and cut my teeth in a town known for its grittiness. I then made my way across the Red River where I worked for big ol’ corporate America for nearly 20 years. With a background in real estate, finance, sales, marketing, and communications, I’ve worked with a smattering of professionals all over the world. Last, I’ve always loved the creative aspects of writing, photography and design and they have kept me constantly expanding in areas that keep me feeling young and inspired.

Now, with some of the foundation laid, I hope to accomplish a vibe that’s encouraging and uplifting while being real and informative. My ways or opinions may never align with everyone and certainly aren’t the gospel. However, the way in which we treat and uplift the growing cannabis community is what it’s really all about. No matter what business or position you hold, it’s important to accept new ideas, criticism, and honest feedback. Not everyone is built the same so some may be more direct than others but in the end, it’s loving our neighbors and business partners as if they resided under our own roofs.

I plan on sharing perspectives from every angle of the business that I touch and some that I’m dipping my toes in to understand and request feedback and positive resolutions. Whether it be some basic sales etiquette or ideas on how to keep your world compliant, I hope that there’s a new learning or at least an “aha” moment that jogs your brain or inspires you to take a step back and improve your daily grind.

I’m sure I’ll bounce around each edition with something that’s more recently impacting me or my businesses personally and expound upon anything from processing to growing to packaging to retail sales. Whatever it is, it’ll be done with goodwill and an intent for people to dig into and learn beyond some of the tips or strategies that relate. There’s so much out there to experience and I hope that I can share as much to keep you from running into walls or knowing whether it’s worth it to jump into a new facet or arena that you may be considering.

With a short and sweet intro, I want to start with something simple for the next edition by sharing that it doesn’t cost you a dime to be considerate and kind. And though honest feedback and self evaluation may not feel kind at times, it’s critical to avoid taking too many things personally unless you’re going to evaluate them and take charge to improve. So, be mindful of how you communicate in person, on social media, on chat boards, and over the phone/text. Communication is a key player in improving yourself as an employee or entrepreneur. People will take note and many times things can be misconstrued if you’re not clearly and kindly working to share your point of view or make a sales pitch. See you next article for tips on booking appointments and making face to face sales calls  with your buyer/customer. I appreciate the opportunity to write and share some of my biggest learnings and for the time you spend reading along.