The Seed of Life 


The Seed of Life 


By Brook Miller

Brook Miller


I am extremely grateful for the Oklahoma cannabis community. I feel forever indebted to the community as a whole. To be writing this today is surreal. 


For all of us to have a platform to help others because cannabis is beyond me. Cannabis saved my life and continues to positively impact the lives of millions. 


There are countless lives that could have been saved and forever changed if you take away the absurd laws which we have been forced to live under in the past.  

I spent my early twenties running from the trauma of my best friends dying from overdoses due to opiates. My escape from that pain became a vicious cycle. 


After overdosing 6 years ago, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others not feel the pain that I did. I’m here to be the voice for every friend I’ve ever lost. To help someone still struggling. 


Cannabis has helped me tremendously in this journey. I want to spread the message of hope to anyone who is struggling. We can do this together. 


I ask you to become a part of Sherweed Forest and what we stand for. It is amazing. We are connecting patients with quality medicine and the people behind it. 


We would like to use this platform to continue to help others and spread awareness that there is a better way to a healthy sustainable life. I want to show others by example that everyone has a place here. 


We’re here to help others, to grow and evolve. Let’s do just that, together.

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