Oklahoma’s Fresh Sesh Spots


Oklahoma’s Fresh Sesh Spots

by Anna Ervin

What truly sets Oklahoma apart from other cannabis-friendly states, is that SQ 788 was set up to allow cannabis patients to medicate anywhere that cigarette smoke is allowed. Granted, private businesses and establishments may have their own set of rules, creating a bit of uncertainty around where it is or isn’t okay to consume. To make things a little easier, I’ve created a list of 420-friendly establishments, ranging from large to small, that openly allow cannabis-consumption on-site. 


Is this a list of every 420-friendly space in the state? Absolutely not. Oklahoma knows no bounds when it comes to creative entrepreneurs opening up lounges, concert venues, and coffee shops with cannabis-consumption in mind. It seems as though new spots are popping up daily, and there are a plethora of great venues that invite patients to medicate openly. And while I’d love to include every single venue on the list, today I’ve chosen some of our favorite locations here at Herbage, and divided them into four categories. 


Community and Culture spaces serve as great settings for large industry events and markets, while the Elegance and Style locations offer an opportunity to host more intimate gatherings in atmospheres curated with luxury in mind. As far as the Shop and Sesh or Food & Drink categories go, well, I think those are pretty self-explanatory. So, whether you’re looking for a venue to reserve for your next holiday event, or simply a place to sit down and enjoy your medicine in peace, I’m positive you’ll find the perfect smoke spot using this guide! 


For Community & Culture


Tumbleweed Dance Hall is a name many Oklahomans have been familiar with, long before cannabis became legal in our state. I remember growing up in Western Oklahoma and hearing about the notorious “Calf Fry” event, held at the Stillwater venue each spring, which invites college students and young adults from all over the state to enjoy a weekend packed full of live music, beer, and of course, calf fries. Today, the festival continues to live up to it’s legacy and work in sync with Oklahoma’s budding cannabis industry, adding brands like Cowboy Cup, Prime Time Cannabis, and our very own Herbage Magazine to it’s roster of vendors. 


However, what makes Tumbleweed’s space so special to Herbage is the annual Cowboy Cup that takes place on the grounds of the indoor/outdoor facility each December. This two day event was triple-crowned Oklahoma’s best Cannabis Industry Event, Best Cannabis Cup, and Best Cannabis Festival in our 2021 Best Of Contest. Drawing in a crowd of young adults, business owners, cannabis connoisseurs, and industry experts, the Cowboy Cup’s mission is to give the community an opportunity to learn, celebrate, medicate, and network while also introducing at least a dozen different musical and artistic performances.


While Tumbleweed may be a little too sizable for most people to consider hosting an event here, you can always stop by Thursday through Saturday night to check out the facility and enjoy some live country tunes. 



OKC Farmer’s Market

In the heart of OKC sits the state’s oldest and most historic event space, first opened in 1928 on the grounds of Delmar Garden’s Amusement Parks. Fast forward to today, you might stumble upon a roller derby match, edm concert, or one of many private events that take place in the second-story ballroom. There’s something whimsical about the atmosphere inside the Farmer’s Market building, whether you’re picking out fresh produce early one Saturday morning, or bobbing your head to one of your favorite local sounds, it’s impossible not to recognize the historic features that mark the venue. 


At this point you might be wondering why I’ve included this space without a single mention of cannabis, but I promise we’re getting there. While I wouldn’t recommend sparking a joint next to Mama Sarah and her three kiddos as they browse the venue’s weekly Farmers Market, I will suggest keeping an eye out for some of our state’s most exclusive cannabis industry events that tend to pop up here from time to time, such as Cloud Fest, Phreshtival, and Cough Fest. 


Like Tumbleweed, this massive space could host at least 20 times the crowd you might draw in for a community “pot”-luck or small event. The real potential here lies in an opportunity to host that cannabis-friendly wedding you’ve always dreamed of (I cannot be alone in this). According to their website, the OKC Farmer’s Market building has hosted many happy brides and grooms, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of those clients were invested in *ahem* greener wedding practices. 



Gateway Event Center – Tulsa

The Gateway Event Center, tucked into the southeast corner of Tulsa’s historic Greenwood District, offers a unique, eclectic vibe that seems to flow naturally throughout the building. Outside you can find the walls of the building blanketed in colorful murals and graffiti art that contribute a playful feel to the surrounding streets. 


When I asked Andrew of Sherweed Forest, why he chose the venue to host his first ever Throwdown Bazaar, he told me that the Gateway Event Center was special for them because “it felt like there was an opportunity to tell a story there that had not yet been told.”


“It’s not Cain’s Ballroom or one of the current trend spaces,” Andrew said, “so I felt it was a place for us to make our mark on the city of Tulsa.”


Throwdown Bazaar is the first event I have attended at Gatewood, but it certainly won’t be my last. The building offers an open concept, serving as the perfect space for a vendor’s market, and according to Andrew, the manager of the property encourages the cannabis community to rent the space. “We plan to use the space for months to come as long as we keep seeing success and growth in what we’re doing,” he reported. 



For Elegance and Style


Hempton Heights – Vinita

This list would not be complete without our favorite weekend getaway. Tucked into the northeast corner of the state, Hempton Heights serves as the perfect spot for family reunions, weddings, retreats, or industry conventions. Owners Nicole Holt and Jeff Lipe designed this cannabis-friendly, boutique-style resort to host guests who just want to medicate in peace. 


With over 16 uniquely styled accommodations (some featuring jacuzzis), a salt-water swimming pool, event barn, and 30 acres of woodland to explore, hosting a gathering, or even just finding a little time for yourself at Hempton is sure to feel like a luxury treat. The best part? You can find a dispensary on site offering some of Oklahoma’s favorite medicine. 



The Magnolia – OKC

You know those old loft-style apartments that sit on top of old buildings? The ones with beautifully aged wooden-framed windows blanketing the walls, and layers of paint and plaster exposing old brick foundations… That’s what stepping into The Magnolia feels like, perched on the top floor of a historic building primely located in OKC’s Automobile Alley. Home of one of Oklahoma’s popular cannabis meet-ups, The Sesh, this venue offers a vintage-styled, open-concept space perfect for weddings, intimate events, large classes, and industry gatherings.


Natural light fills the space from nearly all directions during the day, and glittering twinkle lights blanket the ceiling to illuminate the room at night. However, my favorite time of day at the Magnolia is right before sunset, when golden sunlight spills in through the windows on the west side of the building, highlighting glimpses of OKC’s downtown skyline. Now add a little smoke to the setting and you’ll understand why this venue made the list as one of my favorite consumption-friendly event spaces. 



Agora – Tulsa

Featuring a breathtaking view of Tulsa’s city skyline, Agora offers an elegantly decorated space for intimate community events, weddings, and meetings. While their website doesn’t advertise a consumption friendly venue, Agora has hosted some of our friends and fellow patients for some pretty great community events, like Kenny Wilmath’s Herb&Art Night, or the recent 1-year anniversary of The Sesh. 


When I asked William Nagy, co-owner/coordinator of The Sesh about the venue, he reported that Agora exceeded expectations. “We chose this place because every inch of it felt classy and comfortable. We are looking forward to booking this venue again.” 



For Shopping and Seshing


Gator Alley

Nestled into Oklahoma City’s downtown area, PlantMed created their 420-friendly patio with patients in mind, providing a safe and convenient space for outdoor consumption. Adjacent to the dispensary, Gator Alley is open to patients Monday through Sunday, but occasionally reserves the space for birthday parties, industry events, classes, and so much more. 


All talk of convenience aside, you can count on finding some of Oklahoma’s favorite brands on display inside the dispensary, as well as one unique feature that truly sets this space apart from the rest. Plant Med is home to one of the first fully customizable blunt bars in the state, and this just might be the reason Gator Alley was voted as Best Sesh Spot in Herbage Magazine’s Best Of contest earlier this year. 




The newest spot on the list, Smoklahoma Lounge in Tulsa, is just opening up their space for private events this month. Complete with a dab bar, pool table, free wifi, and storefront loaded with smoking accessories, this 4000 square foot space serves as the perfect setting for parties, meetings, or a quick sesh with friends. 


While you don’t need an OMMA license to visit Smoklahoma, as with any sesh spot, you will need one in order to medicate. Low stash? Stop by the Mary Mind Dispensary located just next door! 



For Food & Drinks


Three Cubed

Located on the corner of Sheridan and 4th St in Downtown OKC, Three Cubed is a restaurant and bar with a 420 lounge on site. With a menu that serves a majority of dietary needs, and (in my opinion) some of the best cocktails in OKC, Three Cubed is a great spot to bring your laptop and finish up some work for a daytime sesh, or grab some friends and enjoy a toke with your meal, but their consumption-friendly lounge can also be rented out for private parties and events. Either way, make sure you check out their Boozy Brunch on the weekends! 




Tacos X Mezcal – Tulsa

Word on the street is that you can find some of the best authentic Mexican street food in Tulsa at Tacos X Mezcal, located on SE 18th Street. After a little more digging I found that you can also book their patio for consumption-friendly parties. Offering a menu loaded with items made from fresh ingredients, including a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options (I am geekin’ out over this), I don’t see why TXMZ shouldn’t be at the top of your list for holiday parties, birthdays, or a classic lady’s night out. Taco Tuesdays anyone?



The Beany Bar – Clinton, OK

I just could not fathom putting this list out there without including one of my favorite places in the state. Aside from that, I haven’t had the opportunity to show Western Oklahoma any love, so that brings me to my final stop: The Beany Bar. Located between Weatherford and Clinton off of historic Route 66, this historic farmhouse has been redesigned as an open-concept bar and lounge that feels like home. The Beany Bar sits adjacent to and is under the same management as White Dog Hill, a scratch-kitchen steakhouse that offers western Oklahomans a unique experience. While you typically need a reservation to visit the steakhouse, the Beany Bar is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday. 


Perched on top of a hill that overlooks the city of Clinton, this spot offers one of the most whimsical sunset views in the state, in addition to some of the most unique cocktails I’ve ever seen. And while they don’t openly advertise a consumption-friendly space, I’ve had no issues bringing a vape pen or pre-roll and discreetly medicating on their outdoor patio. This one is worth the drive.


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