When Cannabis and Chamomile Meet- The Medicinal Benefits

by Veronica Castillo


Many people know about the benefits of plants medicines, but those same many aren’t aware that pairing medicinal plants have even more benefits. In this series, I discussed the pairing of Cannabis and lavender, Cannabis and peppermint, and now- Cannabis and chamomile. All of these pairings have hundreds of benefits- many unrealized, like terpene value.

More and more, we learn about the value of plants both for medicine and for diet. With plants, it’s more than just the pretty colors and appearance; most of them, are medicine. And like Cannabis- many of them are loaded with terpenes that add to their medicinal value.

Cannabis and Chamomile Shared Terpene

A lot of people know chamomile as a tea, and one consumed for relaxation. A lot of people think terpenes, and only think Cannabis. Well- I’m here to tell you that chamomile is smokable, and is loaded with a powerful terpene.


In this case, consuming Cannabis and chamomile means the body is getting the terpenes from Cannabis (strain dependent) and Bisabolo, the main terpene found in chamomile. Bisabolol, also known as levomenol, is a terpene also found in Cannabis: Super Lemon Haze, Tangie, and SFV OG- are 3 Cannabis strains that carry Bisabolol.

Benefits of Combining Cannabis and Chamomile

Consuming a joint with both smokeable herbs, and/or a tea with both flowers, and/or smoking a Cannabis joint while sipping a chamomile tea means: anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, anti-oxidant, and pain relief benefits. Just the Bisabolol terpene alone provides all of those medicinal benefits.

Here are 5 additional benefits that come from the meeting of Cannabis and Chamomile:

1.) Because of the shared terpene, Cannabis and chamomile kill parasites.

2.) Both plants help alleviate the side-effects caused by cancer treatments.

3.) Most plants, like Cannabis and chamomile have cancer fighting agents.

4.) Both plants help with relaxation and stress relief.

5.) Used in topicals, both plants relieve skin irritation and inflammation.

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