This Intuition WIll Be Visualized

This Intuition WIll Be Visualized


By James Bridges


Too much.  Those two words are very difficult for me to swallow. Though swallowing too much has never really been an issue, perhaps thinking has.


Some odd reason other than not really comprehending where I actually was walking at the moment, I found myself in a mall. I had no idea why I let the journey of the afternoon take me to the halls of hell some call shopping malls, however I was there and I wasn’t turning back.


I recalled someone mentioning an art gallery nearby. I hurriedly walked toward the light.  As I entered I realized I had been focusing so intensely on my last few projects I was possibly there for some inexplicable reason.

There was an eye looking directly at me from the canvas.


“This started as a joint project with several artists.” Holly McHughes, AKA Night_Owl_Artist, says about the cover art on this month’s Herbage Magazine. “I picked the eye color. It was interesting.”


Many artists feel the intuition of the piece they are working on. Holly is no different.










“My work has to have some type of spiritual depth. It has to have a connection to me. Not just to my viewers. I probably stared at this eye way too long. All the other people were staring at this too. All of those other artists that worked on this painting. We all had to focus on this eye. I would walk away from the canvas but the eye didn’t go away. Like it, it just kept coming every single time I would walk away and come back.” Holly seemed reserved a bit.


I could tell her reservation came from judgment.  She seemed worried that she may be judged for thinking too “openly”. It’s quite sad what society tries to do to a person’s creativity. I wanted Holly to understand there is no such thing as judgment in this space.


“So I just decided to be okay with the thought that apparently this is supposed to be. To me it’s a look at how we normally feel. All of the crazy anxiety up in your head. We have to get rid of it. Sometimes we can’t figure out how. So it’s really a matter of just how you feel at that moment. The focus…”


I’m very intuitive. I can’t express that enough. I think art just evolves as we stare at it. I guess that’s the best way to put it.


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