Translation – (Strain of the Month)


Translation – (Strain of the Month)
By James Bridges

Clanging of mind monkeys play in the background. I wanted to focus on what was in front of me. Clang’, clang’ away monkeys…

In an instant my perspective on life had changed the night before. The level of balance achieved could not be verbally explained without some sort of translation. I was on the hunt for such a tool for the craft of communication. So I visited Namah Cannabis Co. in Shawnee, OK.

An essence of content engulfed my body and mind. I was able to imagine.

I used to love driving along the San Fernando Valley in L.A. The calmness of the breeze would settle in as I watched the shadows of my favorite tree (brought to Los Angeles by the 1932 Olympics, btw…) dance along the streets.

I would park in residential areas for my breaks to escape the oncoming slew of rats in the race. Seems they were always on the move… Once I noticed an older gentleman. He stood out on his front patio staring up at the sky. He walked with a cane and held his lower back. This now occupied my entire attention.

I noticed a stumble come into play as he scooted from one post to another. Then a fall. I jumped out of the car. No one was around. I looked on for what seemed to be forever as he never lifted his body.

As I reached for his hand I noticed a finger twitch. I wanted him to wake up. I could hear panting breaths coming from behind as I called a hospital. Once they showed and revived the gentlemen I realized the magnitude of the situation. So much so that it seemed to happen within an instant.

A change in perspective within an instant.

I broke free from my imagination for a spell. Reflecting on a moment in time that affected your universe can turn into a treasure of curiosities to unfold. Finding the proper communication method to pass along that information can be challenging. I found mine with:

STRAIN – San Fernando Valley, OG
CULTIVATOR – Red Bird Bio Science
1.51% Terps – #Linalool#Alpha #Humulene, and #Beta #Myrcene
23.41% #THC

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