Strain Of The Month – GREAT SPIRITS

By James Bridges

I am standing inside of a room and I have a metal suit on. On each side of me there are magnetized walls. That’s what it feels like and it impairs me when I’m anxious. I have a feeling of displacement and cannot begin to start doing anything that has any kind of forward motion for myself or my business until that displacement is met with some sort of normalcy. I tend to cling onto the ground when this happens.

When I say ground I mean more of a “grounded” feeling. I need to connect with something familiar. I need to have some sort of alignment before I begin.

Today I made the right choice. I chose Baby Breath. This wonderful moment of alignment within myself was cultivated for our pleasure by none other than Great Spirits. Thankfully I was able to locate some, easily, at a local dispensary, Namah Cannabis, in Shawnee.

The high THC level of 28.4% and the terpine high of 2.4% helped tremendously. What really set it off for me in the beginning was the earthy flavors. I could instantly place myself in a realm of content and creativity.

I loved the aromas. I could smell a rose coming from one side. I was now relaxed.

Baby Breath cannabis strain comes from a cross between Freedom Baby and Grateful Breath strains. Knowing what I know now, if I were interested in getting a grip on myself and slowing down for a minute or two, I would look for this strain grown by:

THC 28.4%
TERP 2.4%

Strain Of The Month Grape Biscotti – Mowdy Farms

Strain Of The Month

Grape Biscotti – Mowdy Farms

By James Bridges

I may catch a ton of heat for this statement, but one of my least favorite strains is Girl Scout Cookies. So when I was asked to give a few nuggs a whirl and I noticed that scent we all love or “hate”, I was, at the least, skeptical of what I was about to experience.

I only had a few days to give this strain a really good review and the anxiety was starting to rise. I realized that I needed to give this a fair and honest time with my palette in order to attempt to write something down on paper that resembles a review.

I started to think about times in the past. I would allow the anxiety to take over when it came to tasks that I assumed I would regret. I knew at some point that I had something that needed to be done in order for me to accomplish my goals. Many times it wasn’t fun. Even more times, I made the assumption that it would not be worth the effort.

I started to become depressed. 

Why do I do this to myself? I asked. Why is it that I place myself into situations in order to either pass or fail. There is never an in between… (The cruel judgment we put ourselves through in order to grasp the entire complacency of victimhood…)

I finally jumped out of that winding rut of a trail. I’m not a victim. None of us are. I thought about the task at hand. Sarcastically, I started to write. 

Whilst waddling in my ‘first world problem’ damnation, I had been smoking this Grape Biscotti from Mowdy Farms. I noticed that the taste wasn’t what I had assumed at all. This was actually a beautiful tasting flower. Yes I could taste the cookies. But it wasn’t that ‘twang’ I dislike when smoking GSC. The gassy aftertaste reminded me there was some real fire going down those pipes. I couldn’t wait for the effect.

I eventually noticed that my depression was gone. I was in a nice happy and relaxed headspace. I could actually function creatively. It was a high that gets you back into the game, with just a little soft landing.

This strain is a creeper and it’s definitely good medicine.  Caryophyllene is the main terpine in this strain, which is easy to spot with it’s distinct aroma. It is known for its calming effect. It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression.

STRAIN: Grape Biscottie


THC: 27.1%


DISPENSARY: Local Leaf RX 19680 S. Gordon Cooper Dr. Tecumseh, OK


Strain of Month – Dear James

Dear James,

It’s me from the future. Before you go on a wild goose chase for some of the best medicine, please consider the possibility of me communicating in this very unusual fashion.

About two weeks ago you were on a mission to find seeds for a fellow enthusiast. While on this journey you picked up a pre-roll that brought you back to one of your all time favorites strains. The essence of sweet and sour lemon and tangie could not be ignored any longer. You felt the strongest urge to find the best Tropicana Cookies in Oklahoma.

With the seed hunting now placed on the back burner, you will hunt for this strain. You will travel throughout the state. You will ask fellow connoisseurs. You will make phone calls. You will even ask your next door neighbor, Melanie, as she looks at you with a blank stair and an overwhelming gaze of judgment.

Please understand that I am trying to help you move in the right direction. It will save you so much time and anguish. You will thank me. If only you can interpret and take to heart my urgent plea for you to stop looking right now. You will not find what you are looking for in that strain.

What you are looking for is definitely the taste and smell of Tropicana Cookies, however, it is not perfect for this month. 

Your new found creative motivation from the Tropicana as well and the destruction of your social roadblocks will help you overcome the inability to converse. But I want to give you a piece of advice. Want the giggles?

Try adding Chem to it. The nutty and slightly cheesy tasting addition that leads up to an actual aroused sensation is why Tropicana Chem is my strain of the month for February.


Tropicana Chem is heavy on Caryophyllene, which studies show a potential to reduce alcohol intake, making this terpene a possible treatment for addiction. 

Limonene is perfect for Anxiety & Stress relief

THC Level 25.25%

Translation – (Strain of the Month)

Translation – (Strain of the Month)
By James Bridges

Clanging of mind monkeys play in the background. I wanted to focus on what was in front of me. Clang’, clang’ away monkeys…

In an instant my perspective on life had changed the night before. The level of balance achieved could not be verbally explained without some sort of translation. I was on the hunt for such a tool for the craft of communication. So I visited Namah Cannabis Co. in Shawnee, OK.

An essence of content engulfed my body and mind. I was able to imagine.

I used to love driving along the San Fernando Valley in L.A. The calmness of the breeze would settle in as I watched the shadows of my favorite tree (brought to Los Angeles by the 1932 Olympics, btw…) dance along the streets.

I would park in residential areas for my breaks to escape the oncoming slew of rats in the race. Seems they were always on the move… Once I noticed an older gentleman. He stood out on his front patio staring up at the sky. He walked with a cane and held his lower back. This now occupied my entire attention.

I noticed a stumble come into play as he scooted from one post to another. Then a fall. I jumped out of the car. No one was around. I looked on for what seemed to be forever as he never lifted his body.

As I reached for his hand I noticed a finger twitch. I wanted him to wake up. I could hear panting breaths coming from behind as I called a hospital. Once they showed and revived the gentlemen I realized the magnitude of the situation. So much so that it seemed to happen within an instant.

A change in perspective within an instant.

I broke free from my imagination for a spell. Reflecting on a moment in time that affected your universe can turn into a treasure of curiosities to unfold. Finding the proper communication method to pass along that information can be challenging. I found mine with:

STRAIN – San Fernando Valley, OG
CULTIVATOR – Red Bird Bio Science
1.51% Terps – #Linalool#Alpha #Humulene, and #Beta #Myrcene
23.41% #THC

Strain of the Month

Strain of the Month

by James Bridges

The sense of self confidence is within her.

As I approach the desired altar of what once may have been called love, I find myself lacking.

Adventure stirs as the thoughts of what might be. This action is far greater and more amazing than pondering what might have been. The self-assuredness awaits its lonely turn as always.  Time ticks…

I think of the courage it will take to be completely and openly vulnerable.

Desire is but a fraction of the streaming emotion…

I’m looking around and I notice the extreme lack of attention to detail.  This is not me.  I need something. Something is missing in this puzzle and I can no longer ignore it. Locating the solution is no small task. 

Trial and error quickly becomes monotonous.

I find the need to have a “lack” of self discipline growing from within as I overburden and overthink my way through the path of life. This must stop.

Eggshells do not present the Aura or texture in which I crave. However, she did when we were face-to-face. The orange that glowed was ever present and that is why this month’s strain of the month is:






by James Bridges

Elegance. She’s full of it. That which makes her so appealing. I look over at the window and she’s looking through. I want to follow so I step up and walk through the door.

There’s a bit of a sway as she floats across the ground. I notice her bare feet as she turns slowly back to make sure I’m still aware.

Her skin is imprinted with the shades of the past. They find a way to make her eyes shimmer. Or maybe that’s the moon.

There’s a trail ahead and she tells me to move on. Energy oozes from the cracks. It is, in fact, time to move on.

I’m directed to the center of the woods and to have a seat. There’s whiskey and smoke. Plenty of whiskey and smoke. I felt it was going to be needed for this time around.

Her eye’s catch my thoughts as she begins to speak. Jumbled and senseless the sounds that are spewing out. Somehow I understand.

She tells me old “truths”. One’s that are now lies. She speaks of the dead as if they were still alive. She wants to believe she is still in the same world. Little does she know, she stepped into mine.

She reminds me to pause. Then she seemingly disappears. I want to find her but the clouds…

The path. That’s all I can think about. The one she wanted me to steer clear. That’s where I should go. I know the right one is there.

It’s her. The one I dreamt of. The one that said hello.
The one I didn’t notice. The one I thought was shallow.
It’s her. The one that smiles and cries and never needs to know why.
It’s her that’s comfortable and never wants to let things go by.
She will never surrender and I will never know why.
I still keep chasing you until the day I die.

That’s what I think of when I imagine “Southern Sugar”. However, most of you would know it better as my strain of the month.


This was purchased from Plant Med Cannabis Boutique & Dispensary in Oklahoma City, OK.

I Love Her

by James Bridges

When I was very young I would travel, a lot, with my grandparents. To this day I can still smell the morning dew on the ground as I head to the showers. I loved it.

We did a ton of connecting with nature and learning about things. I never really knew I wanted to learn about them. I was twelve. Let’s face it. I had no idea…

I was never really afraid of snakes during those travels. Spiders were another thing. I was and am still frightened by the mere thought of a spider on me. So much so that as a child I was convinced that if I joined the “National Spider Sniffing Club” and vowed to never kill a spider they would leave me alone. Hold on a sec. I see a spider in my peripheral vision as I write this. There… Squashed.

Anywho… Where was I? Oh yes. Snakes.

I may have never really been afraid of snakes, but I never even dreamed of laying down next to one.

As of late I have found myself in too much of a rush to smell the flowers on the way. We can all get there at times. It’s called “autopilot” mode. I needed to slow down. So naturally I visited one of my local favorite spots to discuss this very significant matter, Local Leaf RX in Tecumseh, OK.

Leah, look for the badass chick in charge, down at Local Leaf RX suggested I try the Black Mamba. “You wanna slow down baby? Take this home.” I can’t resist a smile like that. Especially when it has weed with it.

So I did what she said. That is if my home were the riverside that is roughly less than a stone’s throw away from the purchase. Zip, zip…

It has been a long weekend of fun in the rain and a ton of deadlines have been broken. I was contacted by people I didn’t need in my life any longer. I had a bill collector mistake me for someone else and then argue with me that I am in fact the person he is looking for. I was beginning to have some issues with my car. Life shit. Fake life shit. The screw was turning and turning. Here we go.

As I greeted the snake into my realm I forgot about those things which bothered me. I noticed a hug. Was it my imagination? The scales were shiny and looked hardened. Surprisingly they felt like pillows. The sweet scent of her tongue was too powerful to resist as she looked me in the eyes. I asked her if she had been dipped in grapes as I tasted the strong purple pouring into my lungs. She was beautiful and I was in love.
I’ve been in this situation before. This time I’m not looking away. I’m not going to find something to pick me back up. I’m going to lay here with this wonderful black snake as long as I possibly can and drift…off…to…sleep.

The Black Mamba strain grown by Local Leaf Cultivation is my Strain of the month for July.


19680 S. Gordon Cooper Dr. Tecumseh, OK 74873
Mon-Sat: 10am to 8pm
Sun: 12pm to 7pm

THC 22.3y – CBD 1 – Terp. 1.65