by Anna Ervin

Vetmaps, an initiative established by James Ladabouche of Midwest City, is an organization seeking to bring veterans and dispensaries together by working to ensure that Oklahoma veterans have access to a medical marijuana card. Once Vetmaps is launched, the platform will list dispensaries that are veteran-friendly, including discounts and incentives on their menu; as well as educate vets on the benefits of cannabis as an alternative to other highly addictive medications.

James, a veteran himself, feels strongly about this mission because of his own journey with cannabis. Opioids prescribed for an injury in 2009 forced James down a deadly, self-deprecating path. He was taking pharmaceuticals just to feel “normal”, but the dependency became too overbearing. After watching his wife, children, and friends walk out of his life, James
felt that he no longer had anything worth feeling normal for.

It wasn’t until after he tried to commit suicide that someone introduced cannabis into his life.
Cannabis didn’t just help James overcome his opioid addiction, it tackled the root of the issue by helping combat his anxiety, depression, neuropathy, and PTSD. Through his journey, James was able to trade in a slew of pharmaceutical prescriptions for one mi-
raculous plant. He has made it his to share his journey with other vets who may be struggling with addiction or opioid dependency. James hopes to help veterans to understand that there is an alternative.

You can help James and Vetmaps achieve their mission by making a donation to sponsor a veteran. The average cost of an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana license is $125, or $45 for those with Medicare or Soonercare. Your donations will help provide medical cards to veterans free of charge, host special events, and manage Vetmaps’ digital platforms for