War Party: Battles from the Field

War Party 

Battles from the Field

By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan


Most of my articles in Herbage Magazine are opinion pieces or basic cannabis education. But once in a while I get to do a company profile. Especially when the boss asks you to do one. In reality, I enjoy doing them as they almost always include a background story that gives Old Yeller a run for its money in the heartstrings department. As an advocate and educator, I am typically the one talking at events and cannabis gatherings. But as I am also a regular fan of the plant itself and a generally curious person, I enjoy the listening part more. 

Eliot Greenwood, Portrait by Universe With Jaz

My latest assignment for our most badass owner and publisher, Sir James, had me crossing the paths of one Eliot Greenwood. CEO and Founder of War Party Extracts. To say Eliot had a backstory would be like saying Band of Brothers was just a show about war. Mr. Greenwood has experienced more challenges and roadblocks than anyone should have to endure. From losing his Grandmother at a young age and witnessing the death of his father, Eliot experienced life events that, as happens all too often, sowed the seeds of PTSD.

PTSD rarely exposes itself in a warm fuzzy kind of way. And it didn’t for Eliot either. But  Mr. Greenwood has turned his pain into a desire to help others. Agony into empathy. In an industry that seems hell-bent on showing how much money it can generate, it’s a wonderful feeling to be reminded that there are those out there in the cannabis industry that want to spread love more than benjamins.

Eliot Greenwood enjoying Lavendar Jedi, Portrait by Universe With Jaz

In 2017 Eliot started War Party Extracts. He is the first to tell you that War Party Extracts is about serving the patient because, well, he is a patient as well. He is also Native American. Something he is very proud of sharing. And I was proud to hear it. Being Cherokee myself, it is always a pleasure to hear about a quality Native American owned cannabis company. A lot of minorities are getting left out of the emerging cannabis industry. 

Cannabis was used by Native American people in this part of the world a long time before colonists and settlers arrived. They used it for food, clothing, bedding and yes even medicine. And they didn’t charge 17% sales tax. But that’s another article for another day.

Eliot is making a statement as well as a call to arms regarding the need for, in his words, “true medicine” to come to Oklahoma. He wants to change hearts and minds in regards to how cannabis is perceived in Oklahoma. The best way to do that is with a quality product. In a highly competitive market, Eliot has found a way to stay in business yet not cut corners. He believes that comes from offering the public a quality product. 

From talking with Eliot, I got the distinct feeling that he created War Party Extracts as a political statement, a stance on the dysfunctional healthcare system and an alert to those in the cannabis industry focused on money instead of patients. He is saying not on my watch. He knows how to make a quality product and he invests his belief in everything War Party Extract puts out.  

Eliot hand makes and feels each cart. Image by Universe WIth Jaz

He clearly understands the importance of the need to use quality Terpenes when producing cannabis products. After all, Terpenes not only add to the Entourage Effect, they add one of the first and strongest elements patients seek when purchasing cannabis. The smell test.  

Using the Supercritical Extraction method, War Party Extracts produces some of the cleanest and highest quality products on the market. You can tell from speaking with Eliot, quality is most important. Combined with the finest Terpenes available, War Party Extracts has recently one top awards at both Harvest Fest and The ever growing cannabis event, The Cowboy Cup. A quality product backed by a sincere owner is getting to be a rare combination in the very crowded Oklahoma cannabis market these days.   

So the next time you’re shopping for your favorite cannabis, ask your budtender about their selection of War Party Extracts products. You will be supporting a patient owned and Native American owned company. I will tell you from my own personal experience, their E-Blunts are amazing.  

War Party Extracts has an impressive list of awards.

Harvest Fest 2020

1st Place Best Distillate Cart

Harvest Fest 2020

1st Place Best Infused Pre-Roll

OG Cup 2020

1st Place Best Distillate Cart

OG Cup 2020

3rd Place Best Infused Pre-Roll

Harvest Fest 2021

1st Place Best THCA Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

Cowboy Cup 2021

2nd Place Best Rosin Cart

War Party Extracts is a Tulsa-Based company. They take great pride in being a locally owned cannabis business. Mr. Greenwood is the kind of owner that would love to hear about your experience using their products. I can tell it means a lot to him when he hears customer testimonials. He can be reached at warpartyextracts@gmail.com or info@roleok.com.

You can also reach Eliot at 918-221-1718