The Cannxiety Chronicles part 3

      By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan Last time I discussed how cannabis and anxiety interact. It’s something I feel so strongly about, I named an Expo after it, “Cannxiety 2022”. A pandemic of sorts is exploding as new cases of anxiety and depression arise. Both of which are woefully misunderstood and growing in […]

The Cannxiety Chronicles – Part 1

The Cannxiety Chronicles  Part 1 By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan When I mention that I teach weed, the common reply I hear is, “What’s there to teach? You get high”.  As an advocate, this is frustrating. Treating cannabis like a weekend party drug ignores thousands of years of history and millions of personal testimonials. Instead […]

Thin Green Line

Thin Green Line By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan The difference between Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis is a topic that brings much debate. Personally, I think the only difference is Tax Rate and Accessibility. Some say it’s all Recreational. Others say it’s all Medicinal. I tend to follow the philosophy that to have a healthy smile […]

Ganja of the Gods

Ganja of the Gods By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan The Hindu God Shiva is a cannabis fan. In fact, cannabis has been welcomed in many different religions. Shunned and forbidden in others. Similar to its role in humanity. Revered and then to be rejected in the span of thousands of years. The vast majority of […]

Then The Key Turned

Then The Key Turned by Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan I grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s. I remember being told cannabis would make us crazy and in one major magazine ad, it would involve tuba playing during sex (true story). Nancy Reagan and Mr. T told us that Marijuana was the enemy. Schools showed […]