We Grow Together – Escalated Greens

We Grow Together – Escalated Greens

We Grow Together

By Carisa Rowe


Escalated Greens Team portrait by J.Harvey Portrait Studio

Escalated Greens began in Eufala, OK, a small lake community where residents enjoy a laid-back lifestyle supported by tourism. The residents of Lake Eufala are resilient and close-knit, qualities that are foundational to Ryan Alexander, the company’s founder.


In 2018 Ryan’s youngest was diagnosed with cancer. He and his family realized how vital a strong community is. The love and support they received from their community during that time is what forged his commitment to clean, affordable cannabis therapy. To serve the community that supported him as a father, firefighter, and coach, Ryan developed Escalated Greens.


Pictured Ryan portrait by J.Harvey Portrait Studio

This vertically integrated company offers patients a chance to experience their products from their very own dispensary. The welcoming budtenders are well educated about the medicine they grow, process, and serve. In the neighboring grow store, residents and area cannabis businesses alike depend on the team to carry top quality supplies and to provide unparalleled expertise. As Midwest distributors for “Soil King”, Escalated Greens is an invaluable resource for Oklahoma cultivators.



The grow store also serves the cultivation team, which has propagated plants for more than 1,000 farms across the state and manages more than 60 genetics, with dozens more in development. In March of 2021, the company achieved a milestone of one million plants distributed to Oklahoma’s cannabis growers.

portrait by J.Harvey Portrait Studio


Their team harvests enough flower each month to stock the dispensary, manufacture hundreds of full flower pre-rolls, and power the company’s extraction lab. The lab’s brilliant scientists have developed an extraction and cure process that retains the plant’s indigenous terpenes and cannabinoids. They proudly display this on their packaging. Their extracts inventory is impressive, as is their proprietary Ripstick: a disposable wax pen that gives a strong pull and heady high. The company’s edibles and topicals lines use these extracts to churn out dozens of products each month, including seasonal favorites.


The edibles line, developed in collaboration with local favorite, Charm Bakery. This includes cookies, cake balls, caramels, hard candies, and more. The DNR line high dose candy bars to suit chocolate lovers or gummy fans.


Every product is hand-made, hand-wrapped, and hand-counted. Ryan installed a state-of-the-art water filtration system which was developed by the water engineering team for OU Medical’s cancer treatment centers.


This commitment to transparency, affordability, and community gives Ryan and the Escalated Greens team many opportunities to give back. They work with the Toby Keith Foundation to raise funds for pediatric cancer patients. They can facilitate low-cost cannabis treatment to patients in need and regularly host appreciation events for their consumers and employees. They are always excited to participate in local events and look forward to the future as they develop their company and location into a cornerstone for healing, support, and connectedness.