Worm Moon

Worm Moon
By James Bridges
The worm moon in March is one of the more interesting full moons. It is the final full moon of winter and gives us our first glimpses of spring. In fact, it is a supermoon and occurs two days before the spring equinox.

In Native American culture, the worm moon is referred to as a herald for the beginning of spring and new agricultural cycles. It is also known as the Sap Moon, because of its symbolic significance of maple syrup in some tribes.
As the earth warms up in the spring, worms begin to appear as well. A sign that the soil is starting to warm up.

The full moon was once called the worm moon by Southern Native American tribes, but it is not a name that the Northern tribes would have ever used. In fact, earthworms were an extinct species in the Northern parts of the world until they were brought back into the soil by colonists or transported plants with them in their roots.

The spiritual meaning of the full worm moon is a signifier that it is a time for people to shed their old habits and seek to become a newer, wiser version of themselves. The worm moon is also a great time to get in touch with karmic change, which will help you to move forward with more clarity and enthusiasm.

In addition, it is a good time for resolving conflicts and addressing issues in your life that are no longer serving you. The worm moon is also an excellent time to set goals, especially those that you have been thinking about for some time now.
The full moon in March is a powerful time to be in touch with the spiritual meaning of life and your place in it. It is a time to make a new beginning and be prepared to embark on a journey with faith in yourself and in the world