24-Carat Trajectory

24-Carat Trajectory

by Contracted Writer


C.W. “Russ” Harrison, Founder & CEO of Golden Trends

They say the Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries. Now, I don’t know what a Snozzberrry tastes like, but I do know the Golden Trends Reserve unique 100% glass one gram Snozzberry cartridge is sure to be Golden Trend’s best seller, offering a delectable, quenching flavor profile you can only expect from Russ Harrison, who is truly the finest salt of the earth.

Meet Golden Trends, a state of the art Oklahoma-owned processor and producer of finely engineered cannabis products offering a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Their one-gram cartridges and Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Vegan gummies provide Oklahoma patients with the synergistic effects of a full spectrum product while offering the reassurance of a predictable, lab created profile. “We are very outcome driven,” says C.W. “Russ” Harrison, Founder & CEO of Golden Trends. “When (the extract) leaves we know exactly what we’ve got.”

This is due to Golden Trend’s implementation of a multi-test process, lab testing their extracts in-house prior to sending out for compliance testing. Using their High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system -the same equipment used by OMMA accredited labs- as well as a qPCR instrument, gives them the ability to perform rapid detection of microbial contamination. “Everything’s independently tested,” notes Russ, “You need to be monitoring the process, not the outcome.” Access to onsite testing that aligns with state approved labs helps Golden Trends develop new and innovative delivery systems more quickly.

Golden Trends stays above the curve by utilizing on-site quality control biochemist, Jason Davenport. He tells us, “I’m responsible for performing cannabinoid profiling on all incoming plant material, distillates, and final products, as well as material from various points in our process stream.” And according to Russ, “A good chemist is conservative.” Their products are CO2 extracted in a revolutionary 3-system laboratory and manufacturing facility. These trailblazing brand characteristics can be attributed to to the life’s work of Mr. Harrison, who has delivered food-grade products to national consumer brands since 1986. “These sound, food-grade principles are ingrained into our training and processes.”

Russ Harrison may have grown up on a farm but he didn’t aspire to be a farmer. Young Russ couldn’t foresee the high-CBG plant based medicine his future self would attempt and succeed in soil growing one day.  Instead Russ found his fortune in salts and in plaster- “a serial plaster entrepreneur,” his wife, Celina, refers gently.

For 32 years Russ grew his reputable business-to-business enterprise in the food-grade Gypsum salt industry with his company Allied Custom Gypsum. Gypsum salt, sometimes called land plaster, improves soil’s workability and capacity to receive moisture. Gypsum is used in toothpaste and to make cement, drywall, and streets. As described by Russ, “Gypsum salt is a yeast food.” Russ’ A+ rated partnership with industry giant in the yeast business- Anheuser Busch aligned him to join the bubbly hemp market merger. In 2018 Russ sold Allied Custom Gypsum, initially focusing on CBD processing for food and drink manufacturers. The Farm Bill was signed into law that same year and Russ seized the opportunity. However, due to the 2019 FDA ruling that CBD could not be considered GRAS- Generally Regarded As Safe, Harrison pivoted into the Cannabis as Medicine industry. “He’s very curious and likes to figure things out,” relays Celina.

Harrison has always been an exemplary model of following Good Manufacturing Practices while producing a food-grade product. “Good Manufacturing Practice is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP is a mindset and covers all aspects of production – not just equipment,” explains Russ. For Golden Trends, “it’s about patient safety first. It’s about repeatable, predictable, traceable, and transparent processes.” Russ and his team extensively researched to find the top equipment, consulting with industry experts to perfect their extraction methodologies. He relays, “the result is a proven extraction process that is clean, safe and produces the best cannabis product for patients.”

Golden Trends’ extracts used to craft their carts and gummies are potent- testing at 80-90% THC, “I’ve seen 95%!” exclaims Russ. Their extract is pure, providing only naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes without using fillers or cutting agents. Cannabis materials undergo a comprehensive sampling, quarantine and testing protocol to ensure quality. “Everything we do is to ensure that our products are of high quality and free of contaminants,” relays Russ.

Golden Trends Prime one-gram carts are manufactured using Jupiter hardware, providing less packaging and waste than the industry standard. Golden Trends Reserve carts are supremely manufactured using 100% glass hardware. Both lines are currently available in the flavorful throwback Indica- Blueberry, Lemon Lime Sativa, Pineapple Chunk Sativa, and Golden Trend’s own uniquely floral and candy sweet Snozzberry Indica. Golden Trends Reserve high dose gummies are currently available in packs of ten and come in 50-milligram per piece Cherry, 100-milligram Lemon Raspberry, and 200-milligram Grape. This all-natural edible option is notably Sugar Free, not an easy product to come by in the Oklahoma cannabis consumables market.

The Golden Trends team is gearing up for the launch of Abstract- premiere 10-milligram lab created ratios targeting a patient’s desire for Sleep, for Relief, for Focus, and for Balance.When you are developing products to target specific outcomes, having a chemist on staff allows you to test in-house at each stage of production. This ensures the products contain the correct dose for the targeted outcome,” declares Russ.

Abstract product art is designed by local artists, with a portion of the product’s proceeds going to local arts. Giving back is very much a part of who Celina and Russ are, as good-hearted Oklahomans. Russ himself has adopted six children, some of which work for the family business. Everyone else on Team Golden Trends was intricately chosen. “Creating the right team is critical because nothing is more important than making safe, high quality products for patients,” Russ relays.

Golden Trends trajectory is sure to surge with its unmatched 24-carat team and Harrison at the helm. When it comes to Golden Trends, “Predictable IS priceless.”