Lotus Letters


Lotus Letters

By Kathy Long-Barker


The water is perfectly steaming as you slip down a bit more, your chin just beneath the surface. Peonies float amidst, and you almost forgot about the cedar plank in front of you, hosting your Rich chocolate tea, a warm cardamom candle and what’s this? Another letter awaits…


Dearest daring divine, 


These are some of the most trying times in human history. Everything around you is designed to enable your failure. Designed to help you sleep… All the while convincing you that you’re “being taken care of. That You’re comfortable.” 

Fear and consumption is ever present and ever persistent. Even in our own circles of light we are tested. Even in our own minds. It is the only way we grow.


Let’s take a common example that can apply to many earth beings right now: Food.

Yes, the nourishing energy source that sustains, comforts and drives us in our days.

It’s no secret that we as a species hold a certain amount of guilt around food.

For plant based eaters, it’s animal products. For those trying to Shed unwanted weight, it’s carbs. For the teen next door dealing with acne, it’s sugar.

Regardless of who or why we can agree, when we consume what we promised ourselves we wouldn’t, we feel negatively. 

Then it becomes a kind of internalized punishment. “I didn’t meet my expectations so what’s it matter anyway I’m just a failure. I can’t do it.” Then we eat more to comfort ourselves. Now it’s a vicious cycle. 

Not only is our food designed to work against us with addictive properties, but now you are working against yourself too? Woah, wait a minute who’s team are you on here? Guys. You’re the only ones who can really help yourselves, so maybe lighten up a little? Be kind to yourself. 

Let’s talk about transmutation starseed. It’s spiritual alchemy. The art of navigating higher and lower frequencies is essential to keep yourself in harmony so you remain the driver in your life and not just a passenger taking the road the matrix pushes you towards.


Let’s go back to the food example. Let’s suppose you’re plant based eater, but you’ve been put into a position that led you to eat meat. Regardless of the reasoning, you went against your typical set standard for yourself and had a steak.

Now if your first reaction is to feel guilty, disappointed, disgusted or anything of the like, STOP. Stop right there. Let’s transmute.

First off let us assess. Are any of those emotional frequencies going to change the fact that the animal was killed? Will it change the fact that you ate it? Furthermore will it ensure without a shadow of a doubt that you won’t repeat this action?  The answer is no. 

At this moment you have a choice. You can drop down into the lower spectrum frequencies which will have you feeling horribly dense with no purpose or return.

You literally just become a downer for yourself and anyone around. 

  1. Oooor. Or, you could view it in a different light that’s more positive. You could transmute this unwanted event into a moment of gratitude. Perhaps you were lacking protein and you weren’t even aware. Maybe it’s exactly what your body needed in that now moment. 

Perhaps that animal made what is considered the highest sacrifice for the sole purpose of you learning how to transmute density into lightness. Because remember, death is an illusion. That cow is fine. That cow was probably John Lennon revisiting earth in disguise trying to make a point.  “All you need is love.” So love yourself enough not to shift into the lower vibrations. You’re on a path of ascension, and we all make discoveries about what we prefer and what we don’t. Forgive yourself for all the things, big or small. Because you are love. Love will transmute the world. 


Now would you look at that, just by understanding that point alone, the beginning of this letter is transmuted along with the Lennon cow. When you know you have the power to perceive something any way you choose, it’s plain to see that everything isn’t truly designed to help you fail. Everything is designed to help you grow. 

Keep growing little starseed. You’re more powerful than you can imagine. 

All my love and until we read again,




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