Thin Green Line

Thin Green Line

By Charles “Uncle Chuck” Duncan

The difference between Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis is a topic that brings much debate. Personally, I think the only difference is Tax Rate and Accessibility. Some say it’s all Recreational. Others say it’s all Medicinal. I tend to follow the philosophy that to have a healthy smile you need both.

There is another issue at hand regarding medicinal cannabis that no one seems to want to talk about. And that is that cannabis does not “cure” anxiety nor depression. It helps alleviate the symptoms of both in some people. Read that again. Cannabis is not for everyone and it does not cure anything.

But in order to talk about the benefits of using cannabis for anxiety and/or depression we must first understand that neither anxiety nor depression are things that get “cured”. They are mental health issues and not a cut that heals or bone that mends. Some people experience symptoms of anxiety or depression daily while others are a lot less frequent. Some symptoms may be more severe for you than others with the same challenges. But the point is, they don’t just get “healed” and go away.

It’s hard to argue that the person using cannabis to help increase their appetite so that in turn they can take other medication isn’t using it for medicinal purposes. Obviously they are. But I would ask you to consider that the person using cannabis in order to relax after a stressful day is also using it medicinally. Just for mental health as opposed to physical health. Pain Management comes in many forms.

The bigger question that we should be asking is why are we allowing state and local governments to apply excise tax rates to cannabis and at higher rates for those they feel are buying it for “recreational” purposes. Just because they are treating their mental health personally and privately without the request of a doctor’s permission.

Hopefully, sometime soon, we can eliminate this sideshow for the taxman and have meaningful arguments over cannabis. Like why isn’t there cannabis taught in science class?

 I have decided to focus a large part of Uncle Chuck’s Cannabis Camp (theuccc.com) to educating the heart and not just the mind when it comes to cannabis education. The ADaPT Program will highlight cannabis use for those facing PTSD-driven and NON-PTSD driven Anxiety or Depression.