Half Baked News-April 2019

Cannabis News and Trending Topics

by Brittney Graham

First Oklahoma 4/20 Starting with A Bang!

Normally, green isn’t celebrated much after St. Patrick’s Day. However, this year in Oklahoma, green has been legally stretched into April! There are so many celebrations, expos, and openings happening this month in honor of the 4/20 holiday that we can only really show you but a snippet of everything.

For instance, last month we discussed Cannacon which will be in Oklahoma City on 04/18 and 4/19.  There is also the Chronic Palooza 420 that is happening on, you guessed it, the 20th of this month from 12 pm-10pm at State Fair Park. This is a FREE community event for anyone that is 18 years or older. There will be medical evaluations on site and over 20 live local artists performing. Be sure to check out Weedmaps, Facebook, and Google to stay up to date on all of the dispensary openings and specials so you have all the green you need to celebrate the holiday.


The major drugstore retailer CVS confirmed last month that they are selling CBD products in at least 8 of their stores currently and will soon carry more CBD products from Curaleaf. Those states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, and Tennessee.

The Numbers Just Keep Growing

The amount of application being submitted and approved by OMMA have increased as the months continue. And by increase, we mean, by A LOT!  On March 26, The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority posted their approval and submittal numbers. Here is the break down;

87,129 patient, 893 caregiver, and 4,345 business applications have been received. That is a total of 92,367. 74,778 patient, 642, caregiver, 1,193 dispensary, 2161 grower, and 605 processor licenses have been approved. That is a total of 79,379.

Jelly Belly CBD Beans

Yes, you read that correctly, Jelly Belly is making a new line of jelly beans that are CBD infused. David Klein, the founder of the famous jelly bean brand, added CBD oil to 38 popular flavors and made Spectrum Confections Jelly Beans. Toasted Marshmallow, Pina Colada, and Strawberry cheesecake being among them. He even admitted to Cannabis Aficionado that their mango tastes more like mango than mango does. If this doesn’t get you more excited to try out these newly infused flavors, then you should also know that real fruit juice is being added to the recipe as well.

The goal is to make the beans as healthy as possible. Driving this goal home are the three options that consumers will be provided; original, sugar-free, and sour. Each bean will have 10ml of CBD. which makes it perfect for dosing as well. At the moment, the company website is showing out of stock. We have a feeling you will need to keep a close Ebay auction watch on these beans if you want to snag any in the near future!

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