Authentic Energy


Kenny Wilmath – cover artist

by James Bridges

A college drop out with only one thing in mind…. Stop wasting time. When Kenny Wilmath was caught red-handed by his mom drawing a picture of his grandfather he never picked up art again until way far into his 4th grade of grammar school.

Kenny had something inside of him that needed to come out and it was something that people had no idea was so important until now.

“It was what I saw in my eye. I was that way then and I will always be authentic to what I see and believe.” Kenny was very passionate about making his point. “I’m able to lay my head down at night knowing what I have done or said that day was from the “real” me and that makes me extremely comfortable within my own self.”

”I finally asked the question burning the tip of my tongue, “so why did you get in trouble in the first place?” Kenny replied, “because it looked just like my grandpa and not the way the polished grandpa might look in others eyes.”

Damn, this guys the real deal.

“Yeah, so then once I was introduced to a whole other world of art through my peers, even in the 4th grade, I knew I had some great things in my head that needed to be seen.” Kenny was nearly nonchalant while discussing.

In high-school Kenny was encouraged by a special instructor, Kathy Daily. “She’s an amazing artist and an even more amazing influence!” Kenny went on to tell. “She always pushed me to be more. The tutoring was one of those pushes. She is very dear to my heart.”

Kenny possessed… raw talent. So, they asked him to become a tutor to the other students. Kenny was happy to do so.

His caring personality started to peak out a bit at me.

Like so many other  talented artists… Kenny could not find the challenge or inspiration he needed from college. He left and eventually started shelving his work to the back of a closet.

Entering the universe is Kenny’s wife Falyn and brilliant daughter Krista.

Krista has autism cerebral palsy & Lennox Gastaut syndrome. “The Lennox Gastaut is our biggest battle because it causes seizures.” Kenny was explaining. Which brings their cannabis journey to light.

Kenny and Falyn have found a way to connect a positive and authentic energy to bring awareness for those living with this and other unwanted ailments.

Herb & Art was formed and has opened an avenue to destigmatize and educate about natural medicine that could help countless amounts of lives.

Herb and Art is meant to be a relaxed and creative experience. Kenny instructs you step by step while you express yourself through art.

Kenny wanted to make it clear he does not allow cannabis in the kids classes, because they aren’t card holders. Pediatric patients are a class of their own. “However, for our adult classes feel free to bring your own snacks, drink, and Cannabis” Kenny laughs. “It’s a great time and we are all doing something for the greater good.”

Kenny wanted to give one last message regarding our near future… “We can’t fall flat on our faces. We have only one way to go and that way is up. Don’t look back, just move forward.”

Find more information about Kenny, and Herb & Art on Facebook @herbandart420 and Instagram @herband-art420.

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