The Cultivation Corner January ‘23

Cultivation Corner Brought to you by Smokey Okies Cannabis It’s a new year, and for many people, that means making resolutions and setting goals. Well, if you are a home grower, or aspiring home grower, I encourage you to take a big picture look at your grow schedule for this year. Don’t have one? That’s […]

Red Tape in Ponca City

by Michael Kinney  All Sergio Villarruel wanted to do was open a marijuana dispensary in his hometown. He was one of the first people in Ponca City to apply for a license when SQ 788 was passed. At that point, it looked like it would be clear sailings and he and his wife Candace would […]

Habit Change

Are You Ready? by Amy Lee Well, we made it to December 2020. Most of us just barely hanging on by a thread, but here we are still standing, still breathing, and still fighting. That my friend is a celebration in itself. I can honestly say that 2020 has simultaneously been one of the worst […]

Authentic Energy

Kenny Wilmath – cover artist by James Bridges A college drop out with only one thing in mind…. Stop wasting time. When Kenny Wilmath was caught red-handed by his mom drawing a picture of his grandfather he never picked up art again until way far into his 4th grade of grammar school. Kenny had something […]

Sun Grown in Living Soil

by Veronica Castillo Small Batch Farm in Oklahoma Highlight: Wild Hare Farms “We made the decision to grow outdoors under the sun, organically, in living soil and we’ve been striving for maximum sustainability ever since” Alex, a biologist by trade with a background in corporate oil and gas; and Paige, a photographer, natural minded mama […]

Cannabis Testing

Inexact Methods Amidst Exact Science by Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish – Cannabis Business Lawyer Cannabis Testing Series Part I Recently OMMA amended its Rules concerning testing requirements for medical marijuana and even generated a one-page diagram to illustrate the guidelines for ease of compliance. However, these amended rules fail to address the overall issue that […]

‘Tis the Terp Season

by Josh Leone Josh Leone is the co-host of the Truly Medicine Podcast & representative of EZ Street Cannabis Products. The holiday season is coming whether I like it or not just as the deadline for this article and my male pattern baldness. I can’t help but think that I’m not alone in thinking, “what […]

From the Front Lines

by Chip Paul | Chief Innovator GnuPharma At this writing we are a few weeks away from perhaps the most important election in our history. Further, it seems our world is upside. Covid, corruption, rioting in US cities. What to make of it all? I tend to take the optimistic view. How do you create […]

December 2020 Strainology

by Rayne Graham Your December 2020 horoscope and what Cannabis strain will help you get through it! May you have a very merry and bright holiday season!  Happy Birthday Sagittarius!  Sagittarius, your birthday gift this month is a big one! You are going to be pushed forward at a fast rate into whatever it is you are meant to be […]

Winter Wellness

by Amy Lee Managing mental wellness is a daily struggle for many people, in fact, it is said that approximately 43.8 million adults in the United States identify with at least one mental illness. The most common mental illnesses throughout the United States include anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorder (alcohol included), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating […]

Sowing the Seed

by Chet Tucker Sowing the Seed is a monthly column dedicated to spreading knowledge and thought provoking pieces around the medicinal benefits of cannabis, its components, and products. The goal of each piece is to underscore the power of the plant while stripping away the stigma of cannabis. Herbage Magazine feels very strongly that Chet […]

Good Clean Livin’

by James Bridges Fun? It’s rare. Okay, I’ll stop stating the obvious right off the bat here. I show up in the middle of an afternoon to find two grown men having the time of their lives while at “work.” That’s rare. Brian Gammill, owner of Oklahoma Medicine, and Tim Jouett, man behind the curtain […]

Buckle Up

By Michael Kinney In 2016 Daniel Lewis took a trip to Santa Rosa, Calif. While the views of Sonoma County are amazing and touring the wineries can be enjoyable, that’s not why he took the 1,600 mile trip to the West Coast. Lewis was attending the Emerald Cup, which he describes as the biggest Cannabis […]

Canna Friendship Style Quiz

by Rayne Graham Are you a bong, jay, edible, or dab rig kind of friend? Take the quiz to find out….     1.) Your favorite meal is:  A. Breakfast Duh! Have to start the day off right. B. Lunch! Everyone needs a mid-day pick me up. C. Brunch. Come on now, who says no to bottomless mimosas? D. […]

Grandfather of Alternative Rock

by Brittiany Ralls Ever see that little flower making its way through that concrete crack, not letting anything stop it from growing? Growing up in areas that aren’t always kind to those that are different doesn’t stop those who are different from existing, growing just like that flower, despite the concrete that tried to stop […]

Art of Design

Cover Artist Tim Jessell by Michael Kinney When cover artist Tim Jessell explains to school students his most famous work of art, they often look at with a quizzical look. Trying to explain the connection between NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and Godzilla often garners him confused stares.    In the late 1990s Jessell […]