By Chip Paul | Chief Innovator

At GnuPharma, we are a research, development, and manufacturing company specializing in modulating the endocannabinoid system with both hemp and non-cannabis plants.

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Autism is a disability that affects almost every area of human function. What I mean by that is that the incidence of autism is increasing. Boys born today have a 3% chance of being autistic. Girls slightly less. 1 in 54 children born today will be autistic. Why? Well that question certainly rings in my ears. Our company has specialized in autism and other severe disease states. We study these under our model of human function. We are able to suggest treatments. We work with a major University on what we do. Here is what we are finding…

Autism is a metabolic disease. Metabolism in this case means the ability to deal with fatty acids to build things. In particular endocannabinoids and immune mediators. In fact, without the assistance of the bacteria produced in their guts, most severely autistic folks would die of infection due to their inability to produce immune mediators normally. They produce several fatty acids with bacteria in their guts which provide an “alternative” immune system. Pretty effective actually! They do not get sick like normal kid- dos. But those same fatty acids also are likely the cause of the more severe symptoms of autism.

Autism is a disease of oxidative stress. When your body is dealing with inflammation or foreign invasion, it can go into crisis. The autistic individual appears to ALWAYS be in crisis. Their bodies act like they are always fighting against something. Similar to always holding a block of lead.

And horribly, these two issues feed each other. Oxidative stress causes an inability to metabolize omega fatty acids which is the very metabolic problem autistic people suffer from. What is the lead in their pocket? The cause? Looking to be an immune system imbalance worsened by an allergy or similar.

The great news is improvement can be made by ad- dressing the oxidative stress and metabolic issues! Most of these can be addressed by supplements and dietary adjustments.