Cake Boss Review

Cake Boss Review



Cake Boss by Full Power Cannabis 

 Reviewed by: Hopper  

Written by: Pamela Jayne 


“This super tight, frosty nugget is fully draped in trichomes and shines like a disco ball. It has very beautiful coloring, with different shades of greens and purples, from light to dark, and is nicely accented by red pistils tucked into the incredibly dense bud. It’s so dense, that when dropped it sounds like a rock hitting the table. 

 The nose on this is absolutely phenomenal. It has both sweet and floral notes, and also a little bit of a gassy kick. The terps on this one quickly woke up my salivary glands, and got my mouth watering and ready for the hit.  

The Chronissuer by Pamela Jayne

Wow, it is absolutely outstanding! It’s floral and sweet, with a little bit of a grape gas taste, but mostly a decadent cake-like flavor. The hit is super smooth- not at all harsh on the lungs. It was obviously flushed well, and also has a nice cure. Big props to the grower for that. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone grows a beautiful crop, and then ruins it by not properly flushing it and/or rushing the cure. The hit was smooth and delicious and was followed by a moderately sedating cerebral sensation that weaves its way through every nook and cranny of the brain to carry away the worries of the day. It’s a great anxiety reliever and mood enhancer. As far as the physical effects, it provides instant relaxation in the shoulders, neck, and back. I really appreciate how long lasting the physical relief was. This strain would be helpful for anyone in need of pain management, muscle relaxation, or just a break after a long day.  

 All in all, the Cake Boss from Full Power Cannabis in Edmond is a top shelf selection that really showcases the best of Oklahoma medical cannabis, and was a perfect way to kick off The Chronisseur in Herbage. I’m beyond stoked to be here in this beautiful state, to be part of the Herbage family, and to see what next month’s offerings are.” 

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