Bring on the Cold

by Josh Leone

We need more ice… During the holidays when I was in college to break free from the family madness, I was out the door before you could find your keys after hearing the faint words of “can someone go grab…? I adored my family, so someone must step up to the task.

I was the “pothead” in my family so this meant a quick trip to the gas station and few pulls on my pipe could bring all the cheer I needed for the holiday. (Side note, if you ever need an errand ran at a family get together, find the cannabis users and they will gladly offer their services.)

‘Tis the Terp Season
by Josh Leone

My siblings would give me hell when I got back because they never touched the stuff but they always had more questions than criticism. They still do. I never really cared who knew that I used cannabis so it’s possible that they confused that arrogance with confidence and it kept them curious. In a weird, and maybe not so weird way, cannabis brought us closer then and continues to even though they don’t medicate.

Collectively, that’s what I’ve always loved about this plant, it’s ability to create a bridge. You can go anywhere in the world and its language is universal. If you use it… you just get it. If you don’t, deep down, there is probably a small part of you that wishes you did. Our bodies need it and in my humble opinion, our minds suffer greatly without it. Mt. Joy said in the song, Cardinal, “so we light one up, cause it’s in our blood.” Cannabis has always been what helped me calm the storm. And we’ve all weathered our fair share of those this year.

As we stagger into a new 365 opportunities, whipped to death and grateful, we move on. Fingers crossed that gained strength in a year that forced us to play cultural midwives to one another. Every one of us just as punch drunk as the next. Finally seeing the surface as we come up for air and holding out hope that we can greet all faces as friends after our year long swim in the dark. We need more ice…

‘Tis the Terp Season

by Josh Leone
Josh Leone is the co-host of the Truly Medicine Podcast & representative of EZ Street Cannabis Products.

The holiday season is coming whether I like it or not just as the deadline for this article and my male pattern baldness. I can’t help but think that I’m not alone in thinking, “what the hell is 2020 gonna do
to it?”

I say to this year, you can have the same 40 Christmas songs played on repeat in every store. Keep the mass consumption and the overall commercialism of the whole thing. I’ve always been more of a Thanksgiving guy anyway.

Being thankful and surrounded by food, family and friends has more of a cannabis vibe to it anyways.

It’s funny how the push and pull of the holiday season feels like the manic personality of this year. The year we have come to love and hate. The calm and the chaos of a Thanksgiving day spent demanding that our kids be grateful for everything that they have before we lay them down to bed just to go out the next morning at 4:30am and drop kick a total stranger to buy them more does not feel right to me.


Regardless of how my family spends their holidays, 2020 can have chaos and we’ll keep calm. Terpene profiles are very important when trying to stay in front of anxiety. Linalool, Myrcene and Caryophyllene are three terpenes that can help.
  • Linalool: Anti-anxiety
    Muscle relaxant
    Strains: Lilac Cookies, Hibiscus, Sour Diesel
  • Myrcene: Sedative
    Relieves Stress
    Strains: Blue Dream, Northern Lights, Alien OG
  • Caryophyllene: Anti-depressant
    Muscle relaxant
    Strains: GG4, Chemdawg, OG Kush

It’s been a rough year for everyone and we’re all stressed, and have been stressed. So remember this DAMNIT, whether you’re passing the garlic mashed potatoes to grandma or the Hindu Kush to grandpa, just take what you need baby and pass it to the left.

Take care of each other, folks.