Diversion is the key


Sometimes people will tell you you can change the world. You probably won’t. You most likely will never even try. If you do, who knows how long that may last until there just simply isn’t any gas left…

Then there are those little nuggets of time when people tell you that you can’t change the world. I bet you try. I bet some of you would even come close. You most likely will, at the very least, change the world that immediately surrounds you.

Why is that? What is it about our competitive drive that inspires people to do things they normally would have no desire to even bother?

Competitive drive truly has propelled humankind to do great and wonderful things.

Competitive drive allows us to look at the next person and see what they are doing wrong and make it right. Make it work for others. Make solutions. Fill gaps in life…

It’s healthy to seek out solutions to issues. Even if those issues are there because of someone else’s mistakes.

Of course its only natural to then transition into thinking that whatever you are behind is right. It is our intention to do good for our world. We want too help our neighbor (as long as they agree), and make the world a better place….

Who draws the line? Is it a line of morality? Is the line even needed at all?

Correcting wrongs in order to make a right in the form of a solution to a better way is presumably supported by most people. It’s something that I personally support. However, we must watch ourselves. I certainly could use a gut check once in a while. I imagine most do. We must not allow ourselves to close our minds to what others may consider a solution to a bigger problem. We must not allow ourselves to think that we are right and others must be wrong. We must not hide behind the mask of narcissism. We must understand that sometimes our neighbors may have some pretty good ideas for the block even if they don’t always agree.

Diversion is a crafty and overused tool. Maybe understanding that is how we really can change the world…


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