Order With a Dispensary Online to Pickup Curbside With These Easy Tips


With the current health restrictions put into place, every dispensary is setting up some form of online ordering or curbside pickup. If you haven’t had a chance to utilize one of these ways of ordering with your favorite dispensary yet, just wait. The convenience of it is only one of the reasons I utilized it myself on numerous occasions in the past. Especially when it comes to products like edibles, cartridges, topicals, tinctures, patches or merchandise. This new way of shopping for your medicine has its ups and downs.

I can say for sure though if a dispensary is offering discounts for ordering online, then who am I to refuse them.

The downside to the new online ordering/ curbside pickup options have a lot more to do with flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates. With these products, it was very easy to see exactly what you were getting and make sure it was the correct product you asked for. But, with the new way we are having to do things we aren’t afforded that luxury. Using online ordering systems doesn’t always allow for the most updated information or accurate pictures of the product. This is why when learning how to use your favorite online ordering site or app, it’s best to get familiar with all the tools you have at your disposal.

This is where using the notes section will come in handy.

All my concentrate connoisseurs out there can attest to how many live concentrate options there are. Including live resin, full-spectrum live resin, live rosin, live sugar, live crumble, and that’s just to name a few. Informing your budtender in the notes that you want the full spectrum live resin vs. live resin will help them prepare your order correctly, and help them get you the correct medicinal products you need. Even using the notes just let your cannabis family know how much we appreciate them, in this time of social distancing, could help brighten their day. With how hectic things can be for our fellow essential service members, we should be doing our best to help them.


Online ordering is a great option when picking up products that are the same every time you stop in.


Cartridges, for example, are typically, exactly what you would expect every time you buy. Buying from reliable brands helps ensure that you will get the same product every time. These types of products are great for going ahead and placing an order on your favorite online ordering site or app. That way your favorite dispensary can prepare your order ahead and have you ready to go when you get there. Most of these sites and apps are able to alert you when the order is completed and ready for pick up, so no need to check your app or site to make sure.   Quite a few dispensaries have no return policies in place. Making sure you have the correct products before you drive away is always a good habit to get into.

Written By: Brittiany Adilas

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