Feminine Divine – Hannah Pearl

Feminine Divine – Hannah Pearl

Embracing feminine divine energy is a personal and spiritual journey that involves acknowledging and honoring the qualities and aspects associated with the feminine, such as nurturing, intuition, empathy, creativity, and receptivity.

Hannah Pearl is an Intuitive Practitioner, an Herbalist, and an Astrologer. She enjoys re-
connecting people with the natural cycles. Hannah offers services like spirit plant drawing, which is a hand-drawn art piece that attunes our frequencies to the plant kingdom to draw wisdom. Within her expertise, she offers Reiki energy healing sessions, chakra alignment and aura cleansing, which is all helpful for mental/emotional blocks. She extends her gifts to clients by offering health consultations that incorporate astrology, principles from eastern philosophy to get a deeper insight to patterns of harmony and disharmony and ways we can rebalance these energies through our daily rituals and habits.
She can help you with activating and awakening your own inner healer, understanding how
plants and herbs can improve your health and well being, the cycles of nature and how to
incorporate them for a more fulfilling life.

“The land is always speaking, we just need to get quiet enough to listen”.

Hannah is a passionate plant lady that has a dream and vision of educating and inspiring others on their spiritual/herbal awakening. She has studied Western Herbalism as well as Eastern practices since 2014 and is currently working toward being a Doctor of Natural medicine.

Ultimately, embracing feminine divine energy is about connecting with our inner wisdom,
intuition, and power, and using these qualities to create a life that is fulfilling and aligned with our true selves.

“We are energetically connected to everything, like a thread woven into a
larger quilt, or the drops of water that make up the ocean”.

I personally have had the opportunity to spend time with Hannah, as she read me my natal chart and gave me a detailed explanation of my astrology reading. I’ve always admired Hannah for her herbal concoctions and her depth of knowledge with natural medicine and her passion for the entire Universe. You can find our conversation below.

1. Hannah, tell me about how you grew up and how you were raised and what initially
sparked a joy within yourself for the outdoors, Mother Nature, and tapping into herbs,
healing and astrology?

I don’t remember having much of a consistent home until I was about 9 years old. My mom
traveled across the states with my brother and I, where we spent a lot of time outdoors. I believe that really instilled a deeply rooted love and appreciation for nature early on. My mom has always taken an alternative perspective when it comes to health preferring a more natural approach. She has been doing reiki since before I was born and she taught me the practice of meditation by the time I was 5. I took a lot of it for granted and struggled to connect, until life took my hand, or more like shoved me. I was about 16-17 years old when I developed some health issues, had already had a few traumatic life experiences, and by 19 I got hit by a car which was really the culmination point that led me down the path of integrating and aligning my mind-body-soul. It spiraled me back to the natural path and into the world of herbs and constellations. I ended up completely pivoting from trying to pursue a career as an esthetician and focusing only on the surface to diving much deeper into understanding more about my inner workings. Herbalism, nutrition, energy work and astrology are all just vehicles that have helped and continue to help me to develop a stronger connection with myself.

2. One way to embrace Feminine Divine energy is to cultivate practices that promote self-
care, self-love, and self-acceptance. In what ways do you practice these?

I practice self-love, acceptance and care through consistent conscious awareness of my inner
monologue. For a long time, I shamed myself for not doing or being enough. I was always
striving for “perfection”. If I didn’t do X,Y,Z then I was a failure. It didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do, there was always a void. I realized that the void was just calling me to come home to myself. It’s not about all the things outside of us, but what’s on the inside that counts the most. I believe that the way we speak to and treat ourselves sets the stage for the type of experiences and choices we will make in this life. When I “should” or “shouldn’t” myself, staying consistent with my practices is near impossible. It inevitably ends with self loathing. When I speak to myself with love and compassion, when I accept and sit with all of the parts of myself, even the ones that don’t feel too great, I naturally want to care for and nourish myself through healthier choices, for example doing meditation, yoga, breathwork, eating + growing + preparing nourishing foods and herbs, and whatever else feels relevant in the moment.

3. You’ve mentioned before that Mother Nature is your religion. What does this mean to

I believe that we are all a part of nature, and the idea that we are separate from our environment is an illusion. As above, so below. The macrocosm and the microcosm. Everything is so deeply interconnected, we can see this physically with the root systems and the mycelial networks underground that are constantly sharing nutrients and information bridging the seemingly separate environment. We are energetically connected to everything, like a thread woven into a larger quilt, or the drops of water that make up the ocean. I personally have found the most peace, acceptance and love for all of life when I am out in nature so it only feels right that my devotion is to my body and to this land that I inhabit.

4. What types of activities bring you joy and fulfillment?

I find so much joy in communing with nature in general, more specifically though foraging,
identifying and learning more about the flora and fauna in my area, holding sacred space for my community, holding space for my body, creating art, making herbal preparations and nourishing foods for myself and my community, and being able to share all of this with my son and loved ones.

5. How do you embrace your own Feminine Divine energy?

By fully trusting myself even when on the outside it doesn’t make sense. I believe deep down I have everything that I need within me and I don’t require external validation. And that to me is where my true power lies. Placing proper boundaries that protect my peace, I no longer take responsibility for others and their emotions. If someone doesn’t resonate with what I have to say then it wasn’t for them anyways. I do not shrink myself any longer, or reserve myself to make others feel comfortable, growth is uncomfortable and if it triggers someone that is an opportunity for them to look inside of themselves and gain new perspectives that could catalyze and shift their reality, it is not up to me. My feminine divine energy is the part of me that knows that I am not here for anyone else, I am not here to please anyone, I am here to surrender to the greater unknown that lies within and to embody my authentic self in all of its essence so that I may step forward with confidence into my divine masculine or action with a solid foundation of trust.

6. What is Ethnobotany and how do you use it to understand how our ancestors used
and honored herbal medicine?

Ethnobotany is the study of plants and their traditional uses by indigenous peoples, using this information can help us to understand the deeper relationships and importance of specific plants to the land and to our ancestors. Our ancestors had an intimate relationship with plants, without needing technology to validate their importance and I think we can all at least acknowledge that, if anything, we can use our scientific understandings of the medicinal properties of plants to validate what our ancestors already instinctively knew. We too can develop deeper relationships with plants around us by connecting with the environment. The land is always speaking, we just need to get quiet enough to listen.

7. You’re an herbalist. What’s your favorite herbal blend that you recommend to use on a
daily basis and why?

It’s hard to say, everyone is so vastly different and our needs are going to vary from person to person. I will say though that living in cycle with the seasons, using what is readily available to us in our immediate environments and paying attention to the plants that are coming up around us can make a world of difference for overall health and wellbeing. Plants release certain constituents that help them to survive as well as support the ecosystem as a whole, the types and amounts of constituents that are released are based on different environmental factors, such as the temperature, sun exposure, water, soil quality, etc. We are also exposed to these factors, so we can benefit from those specific protective and preventive constituents by utilizing the plants and herbs that are growing around us. Some examples of springtime herbs are dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), henbit (Lamium amplexicaule), deadnettle (Lamium purpureum) and wild violet (Viola odorata). As they start to blossom, they are supportive for our bodies in different ways such as strengthening our elimination pathways, alleviating allergies, boosting our immune system, and more, so that our bodies have an easier time transitioning into summer.

8. Can you tell me about your company, Eighth Chakra Healing and what your vision is?

Eighth Chakra is a company that my mother, Virginia Underwood and I started. We provide
various tools, services, classes as well as facilitate ceremonial circles for the community with the intention of providing a space for individuals to develop a deeper connection with
themselves so they can begin to tap into the innate divine wisdom that is available to us all. We have an ultimate goal of having a regenerative retreat center, where we will steward native species and provide a place for the community to gather and integrate their wholeness by connecting with the land, themselves, and one another.

9. Being a mother amongst all of the other things you do, how do you find balance in
your work and life?

It’s a practice, every day looks different. I focus on taking it moment by moment, breath by
breath. Tuning into and prioritizing my needs helps me to find harmony with all the moving parts. I find that if my cup is full, then I am able to pour into everything else more readily.

10. Do you have any books that you’re currently reading that you really enjoy or absolutely recommend? I love to know where minds are attracted to.

There are so many books that I love, the list could go on and on but one book in particular that very much changed my life and still holds relevance to this day is called, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This book is a great example of how powerful our minds are, that what we believe about ourselves and our capabilities can determine how external influences affect us. I finished this book the day before I was hit by a car, I sustained some severe injuries and I am lucky to be here now. When I woke up 3 days later, I had a completely different perspective on life. Whereas before I was overwhelmingly depressed, I had no motivation to keep going and I was praying for something to take me out so that I could escape myself, and all of my feelings. When I awoke, I was renewed and all I could express was gratitude for being alive another day. The hospital staff was shocked at how fast my burns and bones were mending and I truly believe that my outlook, and attitude towards the situation changed the outcome. For this reason I would without reservation recommend this book.

11. If you could go back and tell your younger self anything that you needed to hear
during a time when you didn’t receive it. What would you say?

You are not responsible for anyone else’s emotions, thoughts or actions, all of which are merely reflections of the way people feel and what they believe about themselves. Keep doing you, it is okay to be misunderstood. It is okay to stand out from the crowd, you were never meant to fit in. Your unique perspectives and expressions are a blessing. Keep cultivating respect for yourself, and don’t give your power away or play small for anyone else, you do not require anyone else’s validation in order to be worthy, you are innately worthy simply by being here, that’s the only validation that you need. The only thing you can control in this life is the way you perceive it and the responses you have to it, forcing your way will only create more resistance and suffering. Trust that you are making the right decisions, there are no mistakes. What is meant for you will never miss you! I love you.

12. As a woman and everything you embody, how are you creating a life you love on your
own terms?

I am following my heart, regardless of the external “noise”. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not for me even if everyone else is doing it. I believe that only we as individuals know what’s truly best for ourselves, and we have the power to tap into our inner knowing by developing a deeper relationship and understanding of ourselves. Continuing to be present with and creating space for all that comes up, for all that I ever was, will ever be and all that I am.

Hannah is such a beautiful and intelligent soul. I’m sure you agree after ending up right here. I love how she’s fully embracing her inner wisdom and Feminine Divine. Her passions and drive for life, community and listening to her inner wisdom really takes her the places she wants to go and is inspiring! Our thoughts and words are extremely powerful and Hannah is here to remind you of your own innate wisdom. Don’t ever forget, no one is you and that’s your power.

You can keep up with Hannah and services she offers at www.eighth-chakra.com
You can also get to know Hannah more and find her featured on The Cannabis Hangout
Podcast, Ep. #87.