From the Front Lines

by Chip Paul

At this writing 2020 is coming to an end.  Perhaps the craziest year of my lifetime.  In addition to not knowing the truth about a mask, we cannot even conclude a Presidential election.  We are beginning to learn about numerous foreign influences in our politics and major institutions.  I would wager there will be accountability and justice soon.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t hit too close to home.

Our cannabis industry was thankfully and necessarily declared an “essential” business that needed to stay open even during the worst of the china flu.  Man have we come a long way since this all kicked off in 2014.


So what will happen with cannabis in Oklahoma in 2021?  Here are my predictions:
From the Front Lines by Chip Paul
  • – we will increase our patient count to 15% of our overall population


  • – the number of active and open cannabis commercial business will decrease


  • – an adult-use bill will be considered by the Oklahoma State Legislature


  • – the OMMA will greatly increase inspections


  • – the OMMA will partner with industry groups and trade organizations to help educate patients


  • – Oklahoma will continue to lead the cannabis market with new innovations


  • – TRUE marijuana research will begin in Oklahoma


  • – education will continue to be a huge issue in the gap between medicine and cannabis


Happy new year everyone!  Good bye and good riddance to 2020!  Let’s make 2021 a rebuilding and renewing year.

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