Touch the Fire

by James Bridges

It’s hot because it’s a fire.  Within the fire is an experience.  You have to feel the heat…

Watching an old movie for the two thousand eighty-fourth time, but his time was different.  There was a scene depicting people inside of sensory dopamine activation chambers.  Not a simple sensory deprivation chamber.  One that integrated a few drugs. What got to me this time was that I finally noticed the scene was depicting a group of members that actually enjoyed this sensation rather than being forced into this situation.

I turned the movie off…

My brain dives deeper and I think of the evil control of whoever or whatever it must take to wield the capacity to manipulate a group of society to do something by convincing them that it’s something they want without ever really doing anything other than introducing a new way of thought.

It really frightens me.  However, I have learned to control my fear by facing it little by little.

Call me Nuts – Gorilla Nut Review by James Bridges

In this situation I accept the fact that there is a portion of our society which believes it would be better for human existence if we were to become or “are currently” simply avatars inside of an alternate reality.  I accept that some believe our collective unconscious minds are plugged into the same mainframe and we just need to splice ourselves into that daisy chain of energy and ride it into the depths of alternate realities.  I accept the fact that there is a culture that promotes the ability to go into such a deprived state of perception that causes such things like hallucinations.  Not to say that all hallucinations are terrible, but have you ever heard of the Ganzfeld effect?

Simply put…we have something that’s been happening for a very long time that is continuing to build.  It’s this need to be nonexistent.  We have something creeping into our world that is delivering a message of escape and balance.  It scares the hell out of me.

That hot experience by the fire is exactly that.  It’s an experience.  One that you would tell someone about.  One that you must use touch, smell, taste, hear, see, whatever senses you have to journey through that experience and share.

Yes.  It is based on sensory integration.  Our elders had this figured out.  Gather by the fire to tell stories. Dangle shiny things and ring bells to tell the public.  Huddle around the TV to watch scary movies….

The difference is that this, my dark little emo wannabe potatoes, is an experience of the human kind.  Many humans may fare poorly within your little book, however there are more good than bad.  It just takes the good ones to point your asses out when no one else will.

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