Electrolytes for Balanced Health

by Tab Moura

These cold weeks always make me pensive… perhaps the cold weather atmosphere makes time feel slower, perhaps it’s all in my imagination. What I know for sure is winter puts things in perspective for me like no other time of the year.

Let the Light In by Tab Moura

As a mother, I have experienced such a rollercoaster of feelings this past year. If ever there was a year to become self-conscious about one’s strengths and weaknesses, 2020 was quite an eye-opener. 2020 was a year where a few of my chronic illnesses flared at the same time, and my health was largely in my own hands. I tried several new things over the last 12 months, and given the overwhelming amount of health advice that sick people receive, I’m going to let you know upfront that I am not a distributor of any of the tools I’m going to share with you. Over my next few posts, I want to explain the health conditions I’ve been formally diagnosed with, and why I am using the tools I’ve chosen.


Before I was diagnosed with my neurological conditions, POTS, and Epilepsy, I thought that only athletes needed electrolytes. It’s so much deeper than that. Your body is a complex network of electrical signals, and electrolytes help make strong connections. Hydration is just as much about the nervous system as it’s about your circulation and stamina. When I feel light-headed or get an aura, the first thing I reach for is my LMNT drink. LMNT is what I use because of the high sodium content, it has helped my symptoms more than any other brand I have tried.

Often people with POTS are encouraged to get more sodium and potassium to help with their low blood pressure that leads to fainting, but these can also help with brain fog, confusion, headaches, and more. I have noticed that drinking electrolytes while using cannabis has also helped alleviate any sluggishness or brain fog caused by the strain I am using.

Again, this all depends on your individual health. If you have high blood pressure, you may want to avoid an electrolyte with significant amounts of sodium, unless otherwise indicated by your doctor.

Electrolyte balancing has been a game-changer in my health. When I talk about wellness, I make a point to encourage everyone to read the labels themselves. There are so many brands out there, but many of them are marketed for athletes and kids, they are not for people with chronic illness (look out for dyes and sugars) and find one that helps meet your daily needs.

Remember, dyes and sugars can exasperate poor blood pressure and blood sugar, along with increasing or prolonging headaches and moodiness. Whatever brand you choose, keep an eye out for companies that have a history of wellness in mind for their customers.

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