Great Times at The First Cowboy Cup!

by Brittney Graham

The Cowboy Cup was held at the beginning of December in Stillwater and it was a great community gathering.  Daniel Lewis, the organizer behind this epic event, did a great job creating a sense of family, education, fun, and excitement. Tumbleweed Dance Hall is off the beaten path but is an adventure waiting to happen and the perfect place to hold the first Oklahoma grown Cannabis Cup.

When I first arrived on Saturday afternoon, it was very easy to find parking and very easy to find the entrance. The greeters waiting to give out wristbands and scan tickets had the biggest smile on their faces and gave out the warmest energy.  Swag bags promised to VIP only the night before were in such abundance they decided to give them to everyone that made it out on Saturday; which I think really shows the Okie kindness spirit. It is fair to note that the swag bag left a lot to be imagined, but it is also important to note that this is the first year of this event; which means there is so much room to grow!

Once I made it into the main hall, I noticed how there were heaters everywhere keeping the cold outside, where it belonged. Glass blowers and artists lined the walls auctioning off pieces for the night, with the highest bids going to a local chosen charity.  Just beyond that room was a magical land of food trucks: fried turkey legs, big burgers, and alligator on a stick were just a few of the cuisines offered.

Past the food trucks, which I will admit took me a while, were the two big vendor tents. The main tent had the arcadia smoke lounge with a stage inside, and it was heated which made it for a cozy inviting environment. There were little water bins available everywhere and everyone seemed to be in high vibing positive spirits.  Both tents allowed open medicating and some booths, such as Everything’s Okay, even offered a sample of their concentrates. 

Robot Pharmer, Kings Coast, Vice, Stillwater Dispensary, Outpost33, and of course Herbage were but a handful of vendors ready and willing to talk about their brands. Both days also boasted a grass blower smoke sesh located right outside the tent area next to yet another sound stage (that makes a total of 3).  If you haven’t had the opportunity to partake in such an activity, I highly suggest that you do.  Seeing everyone in a group smiling, laughing, talking,  and puffing like a magic dragon had to be a highlight of the weekend.

Another highlight of the weekend was of course the award ceremony. In case you missed it, I seriously recommend marking your calendars the moment there is a date for the next Cowboy Cup.  Here are the winners in each category! 



 – Purple Tangie – Gelato

1st Place – Oklahoma Premier Reserve – Gas Breath
2nd Place – AC Genetics – Crazy Glue
3rd Place – Boss Lady Farms – Gorilla Glue #4
4th Place – Tulsa Tops – L.S.D
5th Place – Holistic Heights – Animal Cough

1st Place – Purple Tangie – Gelato
2nd Place – Stability Cannabis – Platinum GG
3rd Place – New Leaf Medicinals – Slurricane #4
4th Place – Green Love Tulsa – Wedding Mints #4
5th Place – JJs Organic Gardens – Hash Head

1st Place – 420 Cannabis Kings – Harlequinn
2nd Place – Ganulv Gardens – Z7 / Remadey

1st Place – Pharmhouse – Starmalade
2nd Place – KOLA Organics – Krown Kola

1st Place – 918 OG in collaboration w/Green Love Tulsa – Wedding Mints
2nd Place – Herban Envy – Tropicana Cookies

1st Place – 918 OG – Morning Wood 
2nd Place – Hilltop Gardens – GG #5
3rd Place – Herban Envy- Tangie x Tropicana
4th Place – Kiamichi Skies – Mac and Cheese
5th Place – 918 OG – Wedding Mints

1st Place – Fuel Farms – Tree of Souls 3
2nd Place – Desert Extracts – Slow Burn Cotton Candy Kush
3rd Place – New Leaf Medicinals – GMO x Sunset Cookies
4th Place – Everythings Ok – Blue Cookies

1st Place – Helix Extract – Grandaddy Purple
2nd Place – Helix Extract – Delta 9
3rd Place – Helix Extract – Berry White

1st Place – Everythings OK – Mimosa
2nd Place – Twisty Seeds – Palm Beach Sour
3rd Place – Helix Extract – Watermelon OG
4th Place – Helix Extract – Bubblegum OG
5th Place – Kiamichi Skies – Mac and Cheese

1st Place – Oklahoma Medicine – Topical Pain Salve
2nd Place – Ok Desert Extracts – Slow Burn Cotton Candy Kush Live Resin

1st Place – Oklahoma Premier Reserve – Dope Rope
2nd Place – Easy Street – Gummies
3rd Place – Ruby Maes – Black Cherry Sour Gummies
4th Place – Kiamichi Skies – Breathmints Mac and Cheese
5th Place – Arcadia Brand – Gummie Zkittles

Baked Goods
1st Place – Pharmers Daughter Edibles – Medicated Cake Cup
2nd Place – Oklahoma Medicine – German Chocolate Bon Bon
3rd Place – PCD Inc. – Layer Cake Brownie
4th Place – Bee Elevated – Cake Bombs Hybrid

1st Place – Ruby Maes – Peanut Butter Chocolate
2nd Place – PCD Inc – BBQ Sauce
3rd Place – Oklahoma Medicine – Peanut Butter Cup
4th Place – D&G Dankery – Puppy Chow
5th Place – Bee Elevated – Honey Shots/Sour D


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