Kayla’s Pick for January 2020


Strawberry Cough


Most strains of cannabis are given their name for a reason. Whether it’s the sparkling appearance of Diamond OG, or the unmistakable aroma of Tangie, the names fit like a glove.  The names give you some idea of what to expect from that particular bud.


This month’s featured strain, Strawberry Cough, is one of those strains. This powerful little sativa-dominant strain has a bit of an uncertain heritage.  Originally, it traces its roots back to a mystery cross between the Swiss strain Erdbeer and an unknown Indica that supposedly came from North America. In recent years, the more-commonly found line of this strain was created by Kyle Kushman in 2000. He supposedly received a box of clones from a friend, and when he discovered that the plants inside had an unusually potent aroma of strawberries, he dubbed them “Strawberry Fields”, and proceeded to cross it with a Haze plant. The resulting mix was Strawberry Cough, one of my all-time favorite strains.


Since the strain was created, it’s gone on to become an award winner, taking Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup.  It is a showstopper for a good reason, for both its aroma and its appearance, and it packs quite a wallop in the effects and benefits it offers. Visually, Strawberry Cough is known for chunky flowers that are surprisingly dense, and most commonly more pinecone shaped than anything.  It is coated in a thick carpet of amber-frosted trichomes that give it a slightly golden appearance at times. It’s not uncommon for the pistils on these flowers to be more of a red hue than orange; which is something that really plays into the powerful aroma of strawberries this strain is known for. 


The flavor profile, even on the nose, isn’t solely sweet; however, it is high in myrcene and pinene with a hint of caryophyllene.  Strawberry Cough has a bit of a kick to it that gives it a really energizing boost. It is something that’s even more noticeable when the flower is smoked. That smoke is why the other half of this strain’s name is Cough.  It is thick, heavily flavored (strawberry with a hint of pepper, almost), and while it’s not unpleasant, it can take even a veteran consumer by surprise. If patients use a dry-herb vaporizer, they can expect really, really powerful flavor mixed with a rather heavy vapor, which may also lead to heavy coughing. However you choose to consume this strain, be ready for the cough-fest that may follow.


Once the coughing has subsided, Strawberry Cough offers fast effects. With its sativa-dominant lineage, it’s a strain most would prefer to use during the day, when they’re looking for something to help push through the tasks of the day. It’s a very energizing type of high, and one that seems to encourage a lot of thought and even motivation in the right settings. For those who work in creative fields or are heavily involved in some kind of problem-solving, this strain may be just the daytime ticket. Many users, myself included, report feeling more focused on the task at hand after consuming Strawberry Cough, and many also say that it helped them come out of their shell socially.


Medically, Strawberry Cough is a powerful tool against depression and other aspects of mental illness that many people struggle with. Because it offers that energizing lift to most people, it’s a bit of a ‘ray of sunshine’ kind of strain.   It helps lift them out of their depression or anxiety enough to get their feet underneath them for the day ahead. No strain is a ‘cure all’, but the thoughtful and energized high associated with this strain brings relaxation without heavy sedation.  It also encourages activity or creativity; which are two things that can be a huge boon for those battling with their mental health. While not known for its pain relieving benefits, for those who struggle with anxiety or stressed based headaches or other pains, Strawberry Cough may be able to provide potent relief without leaving patients locked into the couch all day.


The almost energy-boosting aspect of this sweet-smelling strain is what sparks an interest in Strawberry Cough for most people.  It is important to know that if you’re someone who’s a bit sensitive to sativas, or energizing-type strains, there’s a chance you could feel some anxiety or a sense of being unsettled at first.  If you’re uncertain about it, I recommend you start with a small dose and work your way up. Few things can spoil a strain for someone like a bad experience from too much cannabis. Don’t be afraid to play around until you find the right dose to make this strain a good fit for you. 


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